I’m having a lot of problems with today’s youth and young adults.  For one, they are lazy, with no sense of discipline or responsibility.  Too lazy to carry your own stuff?  GROW UP.  Your card game weighs NOTHING in comparison in how much miniatures weigh and how much more there is to a miniatures game than there is to a card game.  It’s why card gamers and miniature games will never get along, or even compromise.  Besides, it’s JUST A CARD GAME.  You don’t get bragging rights or published for having an undefeated deck, nor do you get paid (and if you did, it’s probably all in product or other merchandise).  It’s like parents these days don’t have the patients nor the ability to teach their children responsibility for their actions.  Your mother DOES NOT live at the game store, and therefore staff is not paid to pick up after you (although staff does it anyway at the end of the night).  Learn to pick up after yourself.  Does your mother still clean your room at this age?  I hope not.  You should be old enough to do it yourself.  I never got paid to do chores as a child, nor did I receive an allowance.  I grew up privileged, but not spoiled.  I just don’t understand why kids these days have turned out this way.  Did their parents just give up?  Parents don’t fail; they simply give up, and that’s where all the problems start.  No discipline nor responsibility in the family.  I don’t care if your parents are divorced or separated or whatever.  It only takes one parent to teach basic concepts, hopefully at a young age.  I always try to have my niece (who is 3) put my stuff back where she found it.  It gives her a sense of responsibility.  Not that hard of a concept to teach, especially at the age where they soak up things like a sponge.  Negative behavior is encouraged because no one disciplines the one(s) doing it.  And therein lies the problem.  Teachers have the responsibility to discipline their students as how they see fit within school rules.  There’s no money in education because the schools that need the most help aren’t getting the money they need to raise test scores.  Penalizing schools for below standard test scores by reducing their funding is only going to make it worse, not better.  There are no such things as standards when I was in grade school, and I turned out fine.  Kids are absolute slobs these days and it drives me nuts.  Some kids think I’m scary, and they’re welcome to think that way.  Gives them a reason to think twice before they challenge me and what I’ve been talking about so far.

This isn’t everything, but it’s the end of my train of thought so I’ll just end it here.  It could have been longer if I had started writing earlier (like Sunday night), but I’ve been too busy (doing nothing).

Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on August 30, 2011.

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