It’s been hard to write.  And when I do write, I keep it mostly to myself.  Too many things going on and I just haven’t had the [insert word here] to deal with it.  I’m tired, for starters; I spent the last 4 or so months getting up at 6 to make it to class by 8 in the morning.  I’m not an early riser and I love to sleep (and stay in bed).  As the semester dwindled down, I got lazier and lazier, and went to class late (not too late, though).  Parking was never a problem, even when I came late, but after 9am, the lot was mostly full and finding parking was a challenge (but only for chemistry on Tuesdays and Thursdays).  Physical sciences have always been my biggest fear, and I managed to survive chemistry with my sanity intact.  It became a do-it-yourself class to a group project; everyone helping one another.  I hope my future science classes turn out like that.  I’ve always enjoyed science and chemistry is supposed to be fun, but most of the concepts never made sense to me.  I just never really picked it up, and that’s where I struggled.  Passing the class would be a miracle, even with the effort I put in.  Even though the professor was nice, her method of teaching was, well, not so great.  Chemistry and PowerPoint slides DO NOT MIX WELL.  Anyone could tell you that.  You can use them, yes, but do not put the entire lecture on PowerPoint, and then post it on WebCT where it is missing parts or have available after the content has been covered in class.  Having incomplete lecture notes didn’t help me understand the content.  And while I am a fast typist (anywhere from 40-60 words per minute, depending on content), I can’t do formulas or special symbols without having to manually add them from a special menu.  So, half the lecture is me typing and taking notes by hand to cover formulas, diagrams, and anything else I can’t do on the computer.  AND WHO THE HELL HAS LAB BEFORE LECTURE?!?!?!?!  NO WONDER NOTHING EVER MADE SENSE.  I’ve always believed science classes should have lecture first, where you cover a topic or theme or whatever, and then lab should explore it, however long it takes to understand the concept(s) covered in class.  It doesn’t really work the other way around, and it worries me that my bio class in the fall is like that (I think, but I hope it’s not).  Thankfully, it’s biology, and my biological science skills are MUCH better than my physical science skills.  And even though pharmacy school is a possible goal (many people think I should go for it), the number of science classes needed and the shrinking education budget is not helping me get closer to that goal.  It was a tough semester, which is why I was unable to write much, but with one final to go, I can finally look forward to sleeping in, getting that well-paid job at Walgreens, and enjoying my summer (while taking an online summer class).

Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on May 24, 2011.

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