Approaching doom…

Also known as spring allergies.  I don’t really look forward to them.  At all.  I’m literally miserable.  All the time.  The medication I’ve been taking for years chooses to work when it wants to.  Which is part of the time.  And if I don’t take it, I don’t function.  At all.  I’m just so sensitive to everything.  But I blame my bad gene pool.  Bad allergies run in the family on my dad’s side, so there’s nothing I can really do about it.  I have year-round allergies, but it is especially bad in the spring and fall.  My nose is generally happier when it rains, because then it keeps all the crap from being in the air.  I also don’t like the cold and the wind.  Rain is okay.  We need it.  We are in a drought (I think).  The lavender plant is barely surviving, so I’m hoping it will make it to spring and bring some honeybees.  The magnolia trees at some neighbors’ houses are already in bloom mid-February.  It’s rare to seem them bloom this early, so I’m blaming global warming.  The weather has been so bad that we’ve experienced hail, but it wasn’t as bad as when I was younger when so much hail fell that it covered everything.  That was when I was living in Moraga.  They didn’t cancel school, even though it could have been dangerous for school buses to be on the road.

But school is officially in full spring – 2 classes – chemistry and nutrition.  I’m not worried about nutrition, since I already took a class as an undergrad and it was relatively easy.  I was just lazy.  Chemistry is my biggest fear in science classes because I’ve never been a very good chem lab person and a lot of concepts are difficult to process for me.  Biological labs are a bit different.  The fact that I’ve remained in this class so long has me wondering if I can actually survive the semester.  Thankfully, the people around me are fun and easygoing, so it shouldn’t be too bad.  Lecture is difficult, as chemistry and Powerpoint presentations don’t really mix.  And it’s even worse when the slides provided don’t match what the professor has.  Even though I don’t like chemistry all that much, it is a hands-on class and Powerpoint presentations just don’t apply the hands-on ability very well.  *sigh*  And it would be nice if they were actually Powerpoint presentations and not PDFs.  I can make my own PDFs from the file; no need to make it for me (one of the best options to print when you have a Mac).

I couldn’t sleep and I was bored, so I did a little writing.  Now I’m done, and I’m tired, and I’m still looking at that box of Pocky.   I should NOT have had that Dr. Pepper at Kinders.  I’m tired, but I’m wide awake.  NOT a good combination.  Hopefully I will be able to get some sleep tonight.

Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on February 17, 2011.

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