I thought it was finally time to write the first post of the new year, particularly on this day.  Everyone seems to be saying something about it, but I think 11-11-11 has more significance.  I mean, a lot of people got married on 10-10-10.  Dates these days have so much meaning, and forgetting them can have consequences (i.e. anniversaries, birthdays, etc).  I don’t care much for them, much less try to remember all the important things out there.  I try to remember family birthdays, but that’s about it, and the anniversary of the relationship with my boyfriend.  Everything else is irrelevant.  Do you want me to remember something?  It’s not like I don’t have a way to remembering dates; I just don’t bother to.

Well, Verizon is now getting the iPhone.  Am I switching?  NO.  Verizon is great for their network, that’s about it.  The iPhone won’t even be on their 4G network, which I find to be disappointing.  Also, the chip that is installed DOES NOT allow users to be on the phone and look up something at the same time, something the AT&T models can (cue commercials).  AT&T may not have the best network, but that’s one advantage they have right now.  For how long, I don’t know.  Also, it looks like (based on photos) that the design of the iPhone is changing, particularly the button the turns/silences the ringer.  The antenna is changing (why, I don’t know), and that button is moving (though only slightly).  This causes a problem for ALL the iPhone 4 cases out there.  This means any of the current cases on the market WILL NOT fit the Verizon iPhone 4, which means all new cases will have to be made, just to accommodate one button.  Apple’s “bumper” case will have to be redesigned too, if they are planning to do it.  The articles out there have also mentioned that the 3GS will not be available at Verizon.  There’s not much info for the data plans, but I’ve read that they are offering an unlimited data plan, while AT&T had switched to a tiered plan in 2010.  I have an unlimited plan.  I need that because I’m on the phone way too much.  I’d blow through the package in no time, so when I get my new phone, I’m staying with the unlimited plan.  Texting is texting.  Nothing special about it, except that Verizon somehow offers a 500 message plan for $10.  AT&T used to have that at some point.  I don’t text enough to get unlimited, but I text more than 200 so I have 1500 messages for $15.  It’s not bad, as my monthly bill is roughly $80 (I’m rounding up).  I also have the cheapest possible voice plan ($40/month).  Even though Verizon has the superior voice network, I’m not going to switch.  Even though my plan is up in the spring, I’d have to pay all new fees and stuff just to get started with Verizon.  I’m tempted to get an Android phone (through any provider), but I’m too used to the Apple iOS system.  Besides, I like my Apple toys.  I can get them fixed when they have problems.

In other news, the warranty on my Macbook is out.  It ended at the end of November.  I’ve had this machine for 3 years and have never had any major problems.  The only thing that sucks is that it has such a small hard drive (only 80GB).  The few problems is did have, I got fixed and it never happened again.  They even fixed the crack in the case so the computer looked so clean (compared to the grungy keyboard).  I just hope that I can keep using this machine into the next few years, since I take very good care of my toys, before I buy a Macbook Pro.  By the time I get that, though, who knows what kind of goodies it will have then.  =)

Anyway, until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on January 11, 2011.

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