Looking back at 2010…

Peace cannot be kept by force.
It can only be achieved by understanding.
Gundam 00 Movie:
A Wakening of a Trailblazer

It’s hard to believe that in a few hours, 2010 will be in the past and it will be 2011.  I didn’t think I get another post in before the new year, but I have time (a lot of time, actually) because I don’t have work right now or anything else to do (I know, pathetic).  I just want to look back on what happened in 2010, since it seemed to go by so fast.

For starters, 2010 marked the 7th year of being with my boyfriend.  I know.  7 long years.  His cousins are asking when we’re getting married because he’s the only one left that is seeing someone (me).  It’s scary to plan a wedding, and with the number of cousins he has, it’s going to be one big mess.  I already know.  I’ll have to hire a wedding planner just to get things done because he has cousins everywhere, and many of them have kids (most have at least one kid, some have more).  It’s just a lot of people – period.

2010 was also the birth of my sister’s second kid, Elsa.  She’s almost 8 months (on January 2).  It’s hard to believe how much she’s grown in 8th months.  She’s grabby and a screamer.  And she’s loud.  Nothing like her sister, who was mellow at that age.  She likes shiny objects, is what I’ve discovered.  And she like to be held – while she sleeps.  All 16 pounds of her.  Yeah, it’s a lot of extra weight.  She’s learned to recognize people, which is a good thing.  And she smiles a lot. We like babies that smile. =)

I took 2 extremely difficult classes this year – anatomy and physiology.  I don’t know how I managed to survive, but I did.  If I don’t take classes, I don’t have anything else to do – literally.  I hope to take more classes in 2011, provided that there are classes available (not likely).  With budget cuts and the economy, education has really gotten the short end of the stick.  Hopefully things will improve in 2011.

I started a new job in the fall of 2010 – working a Kumon, a learning center.  I did Kumon 20 years ago, but I don’t remember anything about it.  There are a lot of great kids, but then knowing the area I’m in (San Ramon Valley), there are high expectations for kids to do well, and I don’t doubt that.  Sure, the center is only open twice a week and I get paid monthly, it’s a job nonetheless.  I can’t really complain.  I earned my own set of keys to the center, which means I have more responsibilities.  Having been on the other side the education barrier, I’m willing to compromise with a lot of students with how much work I expect them to get done while at the center.  I also don’t grade like everyone else – I use different colors.  My bosses haven’t said anything, so I’m not really worried.  They would have said something to me a long time ago.  I’m hoping to find another job in addition to this one, since I don’t think I’m ready to train anyone just yet.  I also worked at a Halloween store, which was fun because we were able to dress up and enjoy the season.  The only problem was wearing a costume that the store didn’t carry and people wanted one!  I look forward to another year at the Halloween store, mostly because I can cosplay and look cool!  Oh, the amount of money I will be spending on costumes…

I’ve also been volunteering at the VA for the last few months, just so I can say that I have that “year of experience” that so many places require.  I have a great reference pool, so I’m not worried about not being able to get a good recommendation.

I have a lot of hopes for 2011…a new job for my boyfriend and for myself, mostly.  We need to make more money so we can do more things (like buy more costumes for cosplay).  Being able to go to to conventions and tournaments and represent the games we enjoy playing (GenCon 2011).  I don’t make resolutions because they feel like empty promises that are never kept, so I stopped making them years ago.  There is always room for improvement, is what I tell myself.

I hope everyone has a safe and fabulous New Year!  I’ll be writing again next year!


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