Halloween Trance…and more…

The last 5 weeks working at the Halloween store has been a roller coaster of epic proportions.  I get along with the staff, we’re all friends, and it’ll be sad to see the season end.  That is, until it comes around again next year!  I know Christmas shopping is stressful, but when there are people who have no idea what they want to be for Halloween and kids who can’t make up their minds, it becomes absolute chaos.  The dressing room is absolute chaos.  I’ve spent more time in the dressing room than on the sales floor.  I start on the sales floor, but then I wander, and end up in the dressing room, sometimes for the entire time I’m working.  The only bonus of working the dressing room?  Time goes by SO MUCH FASTER.  I’ve met appreciative parents of the system we use in the dressing room (courtesy of the owner), as the system keeps the dressing room under relatively controlled – for the most part.  The one thing customers have to understand is that a Halloween dressing room is NOTHING like a department store dressing room.  You can’t take everything in with you, as much as you would like to.  People aren’t supposed to try on accessories, but some bags are resealable so we make exceptions, but for the most part, bags are sealed shut and we would have to tear them open in order for people to try on the accessories.  Not mention, they get lost.  ALL THE TIME.  Or stolen.  We’ve had our share of five-fingered discounts.  I don’t know what’s worth stealing in a Halloween store, since costumes are made out of polyester and other cheap materials (like foam).  In the end, it’s not worth it.  At all.  There are 5 days left until Halloween, and every day is absolute chaos.  Men start showing up about a week before Halloween, usually nagged by their wife or girlfriend or someone else.  The kids come after school (the high school is only a short walk away) and just goof off and don’t buy anything.  We’re always picking up after them.  Parents, for the most part, will put costumes back properly in the bag, but they rarely put it back where they found it.  Overbearing parents will complain about their child’s choice of costume (believe me, it happens).  The sizing in Halloween costumes is atrocious.  Don’t even get me started on it.  We have girls’ costumes with, literally, anorexic models pictured.  The package will say that the model is 64″ (5ft 4in) and weighs 64 pounds.  THAT’S NOT POSSIBLE IN THE REAL WORLD.  I was 104 pounds and 5ft 2in according to my driver’s license in high school.  That’s because I had an incredible metabolism and I did marching band.  It kept all the weight off, no matter what I ate.  And even after I got my license, I didn’t spend time eating, unlike now.  I’m always craving something different.  But back to the costumes.  But you get my point.  The model’s stats are impossible to achieve, and she would be dead or dying in order to achieve that weight at that height.  But even within the same vendor, I can try on costumes in small, medium, or large.  It’s so frustrating.  But as I’ve learned, Halloween costumes run small (for the most part), and we don’t keep anything in the back (unless you want to see where we keep all the shipment boxes).

I enjoy my job at the Halloween store and while it is chaos as it gets closer to Halloween, I like knowing that I helped someone find the costume of their choice.

Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on October 27, 2010.

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