Just an update…

Things have been busy.  It is officially Halloween with October here now, so more and more people are coming to the Halloween store.  We have been given the okay by the owner to wear costumes at work.  I’m excited about that.  The only problem I have is that not many people will recognize the character, or they will think the store actually carries a costume like that.  Sorry, it’s only online.  Not to mention, I have another costume in the mail, and I’m still debating if I want to get a 3rd costume and have it arrive on time for Halloween (it’s completely custom made).  Halloween is fun, and a chance to dress up.  I just want to have enough costumes so it doesn’t get boring.  I keep cosplaying as male characters because they always have the easiest costumes, or are the easiest to identify.

I finally have a paycheck, after not having worked for months.  The place that hired me in January is now closed (probably from not enough business), so I don’t even consider having worked for them because I only worked for a few days and then was permanently placed on-call.  I don’t think it mattered that I wasn’t Filipino (the rest of the staff was, though), but I don’t really care anymore.  The business is closed, and the owner was wrong to think he would survive and be able to open another branch.  WRONG.  Most independent pharmacies have years of history, and only open another branch to cater to patients in another area.

School is busy, as always.  I’ve temporarily stopped taking notes on my laptop, as I probably have carpal-tunnel syndrome from all the computer use.  Not to mention, I’m trying to find a way to annotate PDF files so I don’t have to leave them as crappy RTF files.  It’s a lot of work taking notes by hand, but the material does make more sense once it has been written out.

I haven’t seen the kids in a month because of work.  I miss them, but my schedule just doesn’t give me the time to see them.  Hopefully the Walgreens that’s being built will be just about done and I can apply as a technician there, since it is a brand new store.

Anyway, I should be heading to bed now since I have to get up early in the morning.

Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on October 8, 2010.

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