Me and my Tau

I used to be anti-40k and Games Workshop.  I had thought about playing Fantasy because there were generally less assholes to deal with.  I avoided 40k like the plague because I didn’t like any of the players I met.  It was never the game; just the people who initially turned me away from the game.  Sure, every game has its rules people, but the ones in 40k were out of control.  They would question everything and anything, and I didn’t want to play with people who were like that.  I have high standards for sportsmanship, and if you’re going to be an asshole and question everything, I don’t want to play with you – ever.  I don’t care what game it is.  Bad sportsmanship ruins the game for everyone.  It also didn’t help that going to a particular Games Workshop store and I was stared at like eye candy.  I am a competent female gamer.  I lose graciously (for the most part), and I’ll rub it in too, but only if the person I’m playing against knows I’m just playing around.

So, when tax season gave me a nice present, I decided to indulge – in some Tau that a friend was selling.  I picked up about 2000 points in models plus a case.  And now that I’ve played a few games with them, I know that it was a worthwhile investment.  I know how to make an army list, but it is far simpler on a computer, and I have some model stats memorized.  I also managed to find a Tau Megaforce, which I know Games Workshop doesn’t make anymore.  I’ve essentially completed my army, give or take a few additional models.  I’ve decided to paint my Tau blue (tanks included), so it’s definitely going to stand out if I go into a tournament with them.  I have also invested in a Forge World model (R’myr) who has performed quite well as my main HQ.  I’m considering another model (R’alai) as a secondary HQ.  There are a lot of things I would like to get from Forge World, but they are British models and are quite expensive.

I’m not really going to talk about how I play them, since it’s different every time, depending on the opponent.  I’ve played Orks, IG, and Blood Angels.  I would like to play against Bugs at some point.  I didn’t think I would ever play 40k, but here I am, playing Tau and enjoying them.

I plan on updating about my experiences with Tau, since I’ve invested so much money into them.

I was going to write about school, but I haven’t written about my Tau since I got them.

Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on August 29, 2010.

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