School starts next week.  Am I surprised about that?  Nope.  The first day of class has that kind of excitement, except when it is filled with other students trying to get into said class.  The budget cuts have been so bad that the price of parking has gone up and it has to be purchased online.  I’ll still see if I can get it the way I always have – when I pay for classes.  I’m taking two classes this fall – biology (I think it’s molecular biology) and physiology.  I was supposed to take chemistry over the summer as a prerequisite for biology, but with the babysitting and volunteering at the pharmacy, there was just not enough time to do it all.  In reality, it was impossible.  Class was 5 days a week that started in the morning and ended early afternoon.  I wouldn’t be able to do anything because I was taking a class.  I wouldn’t be able to work either, but it’s not like I had a job anyway.  I eventually logged into the WebCT for the class just to see if anything would show up, and I found the professor’s lecture notes.  NONE OF IT MADE SENSE.  I also could hardly read his handwriting.  It didn’t look like the chemistry class I took before, and it definitely didn’t look like the class I took at San Jose.  Thankfully, I’ve taken microbiology, so at least I still have that knowledge -relatively- fresh in my mind.  Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed the class and did quite well, especially for a college level science class.  But then lab wasn’t graded except during exams AND I had a whole 1.5 hours to study beforehand.  Last semester I took anatomy, and it was, well, interesting.  I finally managed to understand what the students in previous classes were doing when I was across the hall studying for microbiology – organ pinning and other miscellaneous stuff.  Dissection wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, except for the smell.  Everything makes more sense now that the class is over, and it will definitely make more sense once physiology gets into full swing.  Books are a major expense this semester, with two hard-core science classes.  Based on preliminary findings from the school’s bookstore, textbooks cost $600 (NOT including tax).  I just spent $900+ getting my car serviced.  Tuition won’t be any cheaper.  This might actually be one of the most expensive semesters at a junior college, which is sad to say because going to a junior college is supposed to save you money.  I’m hoping to enjoy my last week of summer (a cold summer, that is) before going back to school.  Thankfully, I take classes at night, so I won’t have to fight with other people over parking.  And fighting over parking is NOT fun.

Anyway, I hope to update again soon.

Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on August 8, 2010.

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