Life Lessons…

As you can tell, I’m trying to write more.  My main point is to avoid writing about sensitive things and hurting people because that wouldn’t be very fun.  But onto better things.

I’m learning a lot about myself as I attempt to balance my life out with all the things I want to do.  I’m still in school, for starters, and while I generally do well in school and enjoy class, the environment has to be conducive to learning.  I’m a stickler for that, mainly because I’ve been on the other side of the fence in student teaching.  It’s not easy, and master teachers expect so much out of you when you’re just starting out.  What I tell other people who want to be teachers is to volunteer in the classroom FIRST before making that leap of faith.  It may or may not be the thing you want to do as a career.  It definitely wasn’t mine.  I don’t regret not going into teaching because it taught me a lot of things about the education system and how kids are treated in the education system.  It’s not fair to them, and it’s also not fair to the teachers, who don’t get paid enough for the work they do, day in and day out.  It may seem like a luxury to have summer and winter break, but there is so much planning and prepping involved in teaching the simplest things and there is simply not enough  time to do it all.  The “No Child Left Behind” crap puts so much pressure on teachers and their students and it’s not fair to either of them.  No one wants to “teach to the test” because students will never learn that way.  I don’t remember standards being in place when I was in grade school.  Yes, there were expectations, but not like this.  Money was not dependent on test scores, but now it is.  Nearly everything is based on test scores.  It’s scary.

I’m still in school (I know I mentioned it before), but it leads to two hopeful careers: pharmacy or entomology.  Bugs were always my first love (even before eating!) and even though my education has pulled me far away from it, I’ve still found ways to immerse myself in whatever bugs I can find.  It’s a possibility to fulfill that love of bugs as a career.  The other choice is going to pharmacy school and becoming someone in the health care industry that others depend on.  This is a far more difficult road, and one I discovered not too long ago.  Helping people is enjoyable, and is a career I can find in most places.  On the other hand, working with bugs is not the most lucrative career.  However, I would like to follow my heart, in whichever path it may lead me to.

In the end, I struggle with balancing enormous responsibilities, and while I haven’t taken any chances yet, I want to keep my mind and heart open and hope that my choices will lead me in the correct direction.

Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on June 28, 2010.

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