General update…

I want to write more often.  That’s my goal with this blog.  And the title, well, holds a lot of meaning.  I’ve written vicious things, but it was mostly ranting, and isn’t supposed to hurt anyone.  However, if feelings are hurt, I apologize in advance.  Ranting is just a way to get all the stuff out of my system without taking it out on an actual person.  It’s also a way for me to see my thought process, and how I can avoid the problem when it comes around again.  But I’ll admit that I’m not a big writer; I never liked writing in school and many essays were filled with just “stuff,” with no real content.  Reaching the minimum amount of pages was a challenge, but thankfully, the heavy duty writing days are over.  Even with a blog that no one really knows about, it still shows up when I search for it.  I read all these stories and articles about HR people finding blogs and pictures on Facebook/Myspace and not hiring the person who is responsible for the content.  I write for myself, and no one else, and if someone finds my writing, they can take it however they want to.  It’s my writing, and I don’t care what people think about my writing.  If people are too sensitive, that’s their own damn problem.  I’m sensitive too, but I don’t other people’s writing affect me.  Unless it’s really bad writing.  I feel like I’m ranting now.  *breathe*

School’s out.  I have to compete with all the high school gremlins and kids out of college for summer jobs and jobs in general.  The worse competition are those who just graduated from college.  The economy literally sucks and it doesn’t look like it’s improving.  Have you see the the stock market?  It’s been going downhill…a lot.  Even for Apple, who surpassed Microsoft recently, lost money in the stock market.  It’s just not a good time to be doing anything – except be in school.  I still have that one summer class on hold; I’ve registered for the class, but I haven’t paid for it, while I waiting for a potential job where I can put my skills to use!

I may not have the experience that many facilities would like me to have, but I learn fast and I’m smart.  I was at the top of my class, and the only time I struggled was in the last term of math, where we had to figure out flow rate for IV bags, WHICH PHARMACY DOESN’T EVEN CALCULATE.  NURSES DO THAT.  I still don’t know why we had to learn it when we don’t even do it.  Pharmacy creates the IV bags; NURSES hang them.  That’s all there is to it.  So, I continue the job hunt.  Yes, pharmacy is my preference, but I’ll take anything where I can put my skills and knowledge to good use.  I don’t teach – period.  I tried the teaching thing, and it just wasn’t my thing.  It takes a certain kind of person to teach, and I just wasn’t that kind of person.  All I can do now is hope for the best and wait.

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~ by twilightmelfina on June 8, 2010.

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