It’s spring…kinda sorta…

Even though it’s officially spring, the weather has been inconsistent, with cloudy days, heavy rain, and pleasant sunshine.  It would be nice if the weather would stay consistent because then I don’t have to keep digging out my fall clothes.  I keep pulling out my long-sleeve tops because it’s so cold in the morning.  And when it rains, it pours.  It’s a mess.

I’m hoping for a job at the location where I did my externship for pharmacy technology, since they are hiring and having been posting the job listing consistently.  I finally got my volunteer stuff together and finally did one day’s worth of volunteer work at the outpatient pharmacy this past week.  The staff appreciated my work because they were short some employees.  I’m hoping to get hired, mostly because they won’t have to train me as much, and they know that I know how to do the work.  I know I should have finish the volunteer paperwork earlier (like right after my externship was done), but I wanted to enjoy the rest of my summer without having to get up so early.  Then school started in the fall, and I didn’t have time during the week to devote a day to volunteer.  Now that I finally have everything together, I can gain some experience and use it towards finding a job.  Some experience, even though only volunteer work, is better than no experience at all.

Spring break was unproductive.  I did absolutely nothing productive.  I didn’t even try to study, even though I know I should have.  I will honestly say that this is the hardest science class I have ever taken, even with my science background.  But the work will be worth it when I get into pharmacy school.  And if everything works out the way I have it laid out, I hope to get the job, put off the class I registered for summer semester  (chemistry) and take it in the fall, move the biology class to the spring, and take physiology in the fall.  If I get this job, I have to take all my classes at night, which sometimes can have its advantages because people are more serious about the class then those who probably take it in the afternoon.  It’s also a government job, mind you, which means I get holidays OFF!  And there’s always food available. =)

I know I haven’t updated much, since it’s already halfway through the month and I’m finally writing something.  Baby-sitting, school, and volunteer work take up most of my time.  I’m working on my time management, and I don’t like being rushed.  I forget things that way.

Anyway, until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on April 17, 2010.

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