Day 6 of the new year…

It’s day 6 of the new year, and I’m looking forward to the things a new year provides. Maybe a job and a new job for my boyfriend. He’s been at the same company before I met him (it’s been 6 years). I want things to be better for him, although I can’t say things have been well for me as well. Things keep changing. The school where I went for my pharmacy program has gone through many changes, including a new program director and a new instructor that no one seems to like. I haven’t gotten my diploma yet, so it makes me wonder what they’re doing. I got a piece a paper the last time I stopped by, but it doesn’t mean anything, really. I want something I can actually frame, like an actual college degree, not a piece of paper I can make myself.

I don’t have any resolutions – I don’t make them. I should go to the gym more often, but it feels like everyday I’m catching up on those lost days of sleep because I had to get to school so early in the morning just for parking. And now the school is saying that the price of a parking permit might go up. I always believed that going to a community college was supposed to save money. Not in this budget crisis. California hasn’t had any money since who knows when. There’s no money for education or health care, not even state parks. We had a chance to generate income with gay marriage, but it was shot down during the elections. Gay marriage might be wrong in the minds of some, but in a practical sense, it was a way to generate money, and for a state so liberal (we do host a Gay Pride Parade annually), I’m disappointed that this didn’t pass. I’m hoping it will get back on the ballot because it’s a method of generating money legally (think of all the marriage licenses).

It’s a new year, and we can only hope for the best.

Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on January 6, 2010.

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