Coming up on 2 years…

It will be 2 years at the end of November that I’ve owned an Apple computer. I used to own one when I was a little kid, but my parents gave that one away. I miss my Apple IIC. That was my pride and joy, even for someone who was absolutely clueless about computer and technology in general. I took great care of that machine, and if I still had it today, it would probably be running. That’s how much I miss that machine. But you know, 20 years later, I’ve gone back to my roots and now own a Macbook. Sure, it’s 2 years old. It’s definitely NOT clean, from all the typing I’ve done, eating while typing, eating while typing my homework, etc. But it’s done everything I’ve wanted it to do. However, like any computer, regardless of manufacturer, has its share of problems. Yes, programs have crashed on me, but not so much in comparison to using the Vista machine. I had hoped to run XP on this Mac, but I felt that the hard drive was too small (only 80GB) and was better suited to keeping it strictly an Apple machine.

I have never doubted this machine, even after 2 years of use. I want the new Macbook Pro (the backlit keyboard will be amazing in class), but I’m willing to wait a few more years because I know this machine, with my good care, will last another few years. I’ve enjoyed this machine very much, more than I ever enjoyed any Windows machine. I know that Apple’s toys can be overpriced, but if you wait, prices do drop. You just have to wait. I have so many good things to say about this machine, and how it has changed my outlook in education ever since getting it 2 years ago. It does everything. Sure, compatibility is the huge issue in Mac vs. PC, but it’s not like Windows programs can’t run on a Mac; there are just other ways to do it. It’s not the end of the world to own a Mac, but rather the beginning of an entire new world. But that’s just in my opinion.

It makes me wonder all the people in the Apple stores, if they just go in the stores to touch everything, and walk out without a single purchase. I think it’s worth it to own a Mac, and I’m proud to own one. I wouldn’t change it for anything. However, an Apple tablet would be nice, because I like the HP tablet PC a lot and it was a possible consideration as a new computer before deciding on a Mac. Nowadays, my Mac does everything for me. It may seem “outdated” in comparison to what’s out on the market today, but it does everything I need it to do – music, anime, internet, word processing, etc. It does have it’s “slow” moments, but those are rare and don’t happen much anymore with the new Snow Leopard operating system. It’s not even a new operating system; it simply upgrades Leopard with better functionality. It also saved me a bunch of space on my hard drive. It starts up and shuts down faster, and Leopard was a bit slow on that.

I think the only thing that weirds me out about the new Apple laptops is the lack of the click pad. It’s just a huge touchpad that does everything, and it may take some time for me to get used to it. Not to mention, if anyone else wants to use it, they are definitely going to get frustrated. In the end, I’m glad I switched.

Until next time…

PS. The holidays haven’t even started yet and the decorations are up the day after Halloween. Western culture is so obsessed with holiday marketing. *sigh* At least pharmacy doesn’t have to deal with it.


~ by twilightmelfina on November 7, 2009.

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