Not writing much…

I know I haven’t been writing much because there hasn’t been any motivation to write. School is in full swing; I’ve taken several exams (I don’t like tests but it shows how much of the material you’ve retained), and I’m already thinking about the classes I want to take next semester. I’m moving forward with pharmacy school, although I STILL don’t have a job working at a pharmacy. I still have to ask Target, and although I don’t want to, Rite Aid is my last choice. I’ve nearly given up on the independent pharmacy in Concord because I haven’t gotten anything back from them – no emails, no calls, no nothing. I’ve called them, but the last thing I was told was something about paperwork with the Board of Pharmacy. They were planning to open a new branch in Walnut Creek, but if it’s taking this long, I’d rather work in retail. Some hospitals are hiring, but when it’s listed as “on call,” it frustrates me because pharmacy shouldn’t be an “on call” job. I’m not a doctor. Doctors are on call, not pharmacy technicians. Pharmacists, maybe, but not pharmacy technicians. I just don’t know what to do anymore because the economy is so bad, and while retail stores are hiring for the holidays, pharmacies are apparently not including in the hiring process. It’s like they do everything separate from the actual store. Safeway is not hiring; I’ve already asked two different stores. I still have to go back to CVS to see if I have any luck there. They say there are job openings, but no one is hiring.

I’ve decided that UCSF is not going to be one of my choices for pharmacy school until later. That one human physiology class stands out so much by itself that I can take everything else first then worry about this class. So, at this point, I’m taking everything else I need to take (including those 2 years of chemistry, which is the only thing schools agree on) while putting UCSF on hold as I finish pre-requisites for other schools.

As for my buddies back at the technology program, many people have scored higher than me on the national exam. The only reason why they did better because they got help from people who already took and scored well. I scored the highest out of my class, but was bumped off the high point from other people who scored higher than me. But did anyone get a perfect score on any of the sections? I did. And that was my inflated ego talking.
Anyway, that’s my catch up for the times I didn’t write. I should write more often, but I’m getting lazy. Oh well
Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on October 22, 2009.

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