Going back to school…

School starts Monday. I spent the entire summer accomplishing absolutely nothing, except managing to hold onto a temporary job at night. The first 6 weeks of my summer were spent in a pharmacy, so I didn’t have much time to myself during the week. Now that it’s all over and I’m looking for a job (or trying to), it’s hard to believe the summer passed by so quickly. The weather was definitely NOT summer-like, with some cool temperatures and fog in the city (oh wait, that’s typical in SF).

I -kind of- look forward to going back to school; it’s better than sitting around at home and doing nothing (or playing hours of Maplestory until the game tells you how long you’ve been playing and suggests that you take a break). I’m hoping to add another class in addition to the two other classes I’ll be taking: microbiology and plane trigonometry. I’ve always enjoyed science, but it takes a certain kind of person to teach science, and it should always try to be a hands-on experience. I’ve had my share of teachers who just tell you the material but never apply it or provide any examples. I’ve done my research for my teachers; I wouldn’t take a class with a random teacher not knowing what he or she was like.

I’ve always liked school and I know I’m smart, but when the material is too easy and the information isn’t presented in a way that I’ll be able to retain to use later, I get lazy and don’t pay attention. I could have done better in high school if I applied myself, but I was far too lazy. I know that people learn in different ways, and teachers should learn to provide information in different ways. Telling how it is one way is going to lose a number of students, if not more.

Having been in student teaching in a massive school district, I’ve come to understand how much the K-12 education system SUCKS. There is no money to do anything at all, and students aren’t able to enjoy school like I did. History reenactments in 4th and 5th grade? I was lucky to have that, but I doubt schools even do that anymore. It’s all sponsored by parent volunteers. I know when I have a kid, I want the to enjoy school the way I did. It wasn’t even about the money – at all. Moraga wasn’t a yuppie town like Danville and Blackhawk.

Going back to school is probably the best thing right now, even with the tuition increase. It’s better than staying home accomplishing nothing.

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~ by twilightmelfina on August 15, 2009.

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