The Waiting Game…

I know I didn’t update that much during my externship, mostly because I got home so late (after 11 in the evening).  It was extern in the morning until the afternoon, then work at night.  There was no time to update at all.  Not to mention, there was no internet at the pharmacy, so updating on lunch or at break was nearly impossible.  Even the 3G network was spotty so getting the news was impossible.  The IV/chemo room was the reason why there was no network in the pharmacy; apparently there is metal sheeting in the walls to prevent the chemotherapy chemicals from leaking into the actual pharmacy or outside, or something like that.  I don’t really remember.

Anyway, I worked with a great staff and really enjoyed my externship at the Department of Veterans Affairs.  However, there were some things I wish I was exposed to that weren’t available at the outpatient or inpatient pharmacy: compounding and insurance.  There was some compounding in the inpatient pharmacy, but adding a powder to some sterile water was not what I had in mind for compounding.  But I guess it works – for now.  As for IVs in the inpatient pharmacy…attaching a vial to a bag isn’t what I had in mind for making an IV, but at least you can’t make mistakes unless you attach the wrong vial to the wrong solution.  No calculations, really, unless you’re making an IV that requires needles and syringes (which were very few).  There was no insurance to worry about because it was a government facility, so it feels like I missed out on a enormous amount of what pharmacy technicians have to do in a retail setting.

I am currently in the process of volunteering for the clinic, but due to jury duty (which is a pain to deal with), I have to put off getting my second TB skin test.  I thought only one was needed, but I was told that I needed a second one; I guess they just want to make sure that I don’t actually have anything.  I’ve tested negative everytime, but it’s a government facility, so I’ll let them do what they need to do.  I’ll have to call them to arrange an appointment, while hoping that I don’t have to stay for jury duty.  I know it’s a duty as a citizen, but you don’t get paid unless you come back a second day.

For now, I’m waiting for my license and trying to do some job hunting.  I’ve been a bit lazy and trying to enjoy my summer before I have to go back to school in August.  I’ve had a temporary job since January, so I don’t know how long I’m staying at the office job.  I guess they’ll keep me until they don’t need me anymore, but it’s not like I’ll know when that will be.  With my school schedule, I’ll take one night off (I have one class at night), and probably work the rest of the time.  Technically, I can’t work until I have my license, but I guess the certification works for now.  It is a waiting game, since the Board of Pharmacy is one of the government offices that is going to be closed on certain Fridays.

As for school, I’m going pre-pharmacy, basically taking the classes required so I can apply to pharmacy school.  Books for my fall classes aren’t available until the beginning of August, but it looks like they are available as a digital copy on a website where I got my pharmacy technology textbook.  I didn’t get an actual copy of the textbook, since I was towards the end of my program, but having a digital copy made it at lot easier to take notes and find the information I needed without having to do a lot of reading.  Not to mention, I used the printing ability to basically print a PDF copy of the book, so when the book expires (which should be sometime next month), I’ll still have a copy to read. =)  It took about 2 hours and 800 pages later (the program only allows 10 page to print at a time).  It’s a great website because you pay so much less for a digital copy of the book and I don’t have to carry textbooks around anymore.

Anyway, that’s all for now.  Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on July 26, 2009.

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