Serious issues…

California has officially screwed herself over.  No one will want to go to school in California.  There is no money (not like there was any money in the first place), and there’s nothing out there to generate money.  First there was the announcement to close government offices 3 Fridays a month.  When did the governor make an announcement like that?  Why was there no time to prepare for it?  Now it’s going to take even longer to get my license, provided that they are even processing the paperwork at all.  The Cal State University system isn’t taking new students for the spring 2010 semester, but how is that saving money?  The fact that California was against legalizing gay marriage means there is a loss in income.  I don’t know how much a marriage license costs, but if you think about all the gay couples who want to get married, that’s a lot of money that could be made.  But no, people voted against it, thinking about what’s right rather than what’s good for the overall state.  I thought about the big picture, and how California has a huge debt and no budget.  This is why I avoid practicing any religion because religious beliefs affect people’s decisions, and I want my decisions to be affected by my environment and what I’ve learned over time.

Anyway, I have one more week left in my externship.  Inpatient is nice, but I get bored easily because there’s not a lot to do.  The drug filing system is a complete disaster, especially when patients leave and we have to return their drugs to stock.  Some bins aren’t even big enough to accommodate the number of pills that aren’t used by patients.  Not to mention, the pharmacy is far too small for the amount of things they have in there – 2 medication carts and a repacking machine.  I don’t think I’ve learned as much as I would like to, in all honesty.  I haven’t made any real IVs yet; attaching a vial to a bag is not making an IV.  Not to mention, most of the time I’m waiting around for something to do, and then I get bored.  The guy who is supposed to be my supervisor is never at the pharmacy, so it makes me wonder who is going to do my evaluation at the end.  I’m hoping to do some volunteer work after my extern is over, but I’ll need to catch up on some lost sleep first.

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~ by twilightmelfina on July 12, 2009.

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