Spring allergies are here…

I couldn’t find a better title name for this post.  There are more than enough things going on, in life and in society.  For starters, it is officially spring, and with that come my allergies.  Dust, pollen, and whatever else might be in the air.  Sometimes I’m so miserable that I can’t even function.  People have asked me if I’m sick because my allergies make me look I have a cold.  No, I’m not sick, and no, I won’t give you anything.  People have to realize that allergie are not contagious.  However, if I have something (and I don’t know about it), then I might give you something, but not intentionally because I didn’t know about it.

It’s also spring break from DVC, so a week without chemistry.  However, I’m still going over the hundreds of recommended problems I have because reviewing them is the only way I’m ever going to figure them out.  The class isn’t difficult, but I struggle because the class is at the most inconvenient time in the afternoon, thus making it a nonconducive environment for learning.  I also happen to fall asleep in class because the lecture gets so boring.  I know I shouldn’t be falling asleep, but nothing else keeps me awake.  If I eat, it can’t be anything noisy or everyone in class looks at me.  Another 2 months and this class will be done.

It’s hard to believe that nearly a year ago, I started the pharmacy technology program, and in less in 2 months, I’ll be on my way to externship (unpaid, of course).  This coming week will be the last week in my 8th term.  I am also taking my national exam at the end of next week, on Friday, after all my classes are done.  Passing means I have less things to worry about, but I’ve heard that the state is behind in processing licenses, so it could be awhile after sending in my paperwork to get anything back from them.  As for pharmacy school, I’m considering Touro University in Vallejo.  It’s a Jewish-based school, so there are many holidays.  It makes me wonder what the non-Jewish students do when there’s no class, since the school is essentially closed.  It is a potential candidate in my pharmacy school options, mostly because it’s closer than any other school, not to mention it would be a way to honor my boyfriend’s best friend’s Jewish heritage.  It doesn’t hurt to learn a little bit about someone else’s religion; I just don’t want to practice anything.

As for the economy, I’m glad that I still have a job, since the end of January.  I didn’t think I would be going back to the office, but it’s a job and I am grateful for it.  However, even if I keep this job into the summer, I don’t know how it will work with my externship.  Career services says that we’re only allowed to work 8am to 5pm, but I’m probably going to be too tired to head to the office after that.  But it all depends on where I get placed.  The hospitals aren’t hiring, and the county hospital doesn’t take externs. =(  Gas prices are going up again, and the tax got raised too.  It makes me wonder if this will help California’s debt, since the state always seems to have problems signing a budget.

As for gaming, there are new rules, but no one wants to test them.  They are all interested in another game (which I won’t mention by name).  It makes me wonder if all the printing I did was worth it.  I nearly killed my dad’s printer!  Not to mention, my printer is nearly out of ink, and I don’t want to put in the new color cartridge until I can get a black ink cartridge at the same time.  I do a lot of printing in pharmacy, but after classes are over, I shouldn’t be printing as much (unless it is for DVC classes).  And because of extern starts in June and ends in the middle of July, I don’t have the time to take summer classes.  At least it will be a break and I won’t have to think as much.  If I get hired (somewhere), I’m going to start making plans to move out.  As much as I like living at home with the free food, parking, and laundry, I’m getting a bit old to be staying home with my parents.  At this age, eveyone else I know has moved out and moved on.  I’m still struggling behind to make a career for myself.

Anyway, until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on April 12, 2009.

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