Changing seasons…

It’s hard to believe that it’s fall and the weather is still this good.  Cold in the mornings, but warm in the afternoon.  The weather has been nice enough to be outside during the afternoon and into the early evening.  If this good weather keeps up, it means that a lot more kids will be out for Halloween.

Halloween – it’s been YEARS since I’ve dressed up (since high school).  I went and bought a costume online – to be Ichimaru Gin from the hit anime series Bleach.  Even though it’s a guy, I’m doing my own variation of the character.  I refuse to cut my hair (and wigs are expensive), so I’m just going to get silver hairspray to go with the costume.

School – it’s hard to believe that my 4th term is over.  The longer I stay, the faster time seems to go.  I’ve been told that the hardest material is over (this past term had so many drugs), so it should be relatively easy from now on.  However, I know I can’t take it easy; starting in the spring, I’ll be starting my prerequisite classes for pharmacy school.  It’s scary, but exciting at the same time.  I know that if and once I become a pharmacist, a lot of my pharmacy tech friends will want to work for me.  That turns out to be just fine with me; less work in finding competent employees.  This upcoming term will also be my last math term – no more math tests after this.  Wednesdays, which are math days, will seem kind of empty since I won’t be taking an exam like everyone else; instead, I’ll have a math packet I’ll have to do.  After this upcoming term, I’ll be just about halfway through the program, which is scary because I started in the beginning of May.

In other news, I found out that this girl in my class had left her contacts in for longer than she should have, and developed an ulcer on her eye (or so I’ve been told).  Apparently, since she left the contacts in too long, the contact rubbed off the protective layer of the eyeball, thus causing irritation, which probably produced the ulcer.  Knowing that we’re all in the health care industry, I worry about her because if she can’t even take care of herself with something as simple as taking out contacts every night, I worry about her preparing medication for someone else.  But that’s just my opinion based on information I was told.

Anyway, these elections are coming up faster than I thought.  I missed the last debate (again), but I think I was studying for one of my pharmacy exams (either math or technical).  I didn’t vote in the last presidential election, but it’s so scary that the next one is just a few weeks away.  It’s going to be a tough competition between Obama and McCain, and I’m, well, not sure what I’m doing yet.  There are a lot of controversial things to vote on and I haven’t read up on anything.

Anyway, that’s all for now.  Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on October 16, 2008.

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