Time flies…

It’s hard to believe that it has been 8 years since m dog died during my senior year of high school.  I still miss her – a lot.  Things are definitely different now that she’s gone, but she will never be forgotten.  Labrador Retrievers are the number one dog to own because they can fulfill a variety of roles in the family.  I see Labrador Retrievers all the time, but none of them will be as beautiful as Morgan.  She had the best life, and all of us knew that.  I struggled my senior year of high school without her, but I managed to stay strong – somehow.  No future dog will ever replace her –  ever.

It is also hard to believe that elections are less than a month away.  I’ve missed all the debates, but I should probably read up on them so that at least know what each candidate wants to do for the country.  The new president has a lot to deal with, especially the economy.  There are a lot of issues to be voted on, one of them being gay marriage in California.  Personally, I think California should allow it, mainly because San Francisco itself supports the Gay Pride parade every year.  I don’t know any other major city in the world that has an annual parade celebrating gay pride.  California has always been a liberal state, which is why Republican presidential nominations can never get California.  If you remember from the June elections, it was Obama vs. Clinton, not Clinton vs Obama vs McCain.  McCain had no chance in California, and he probably knew that.  California should remain a state that knows how to make a difference, as well as break the rules.  If people don’t like the fact that gay marriage is legal in California, then MOVE OUT; otherwise, just tolerate it.  Gay people just have a different sexual orientation; they’re not any different from the rest of the general population.  However, from my encounter with gay people…well, some aren’t that smart (that’s from when San Jose State had their high school band day and this one guy couldn’t figure out the colorguard routine).  But other than that, it’s just one retarded high school kid.  He doesn’t make much of a impact by himself.  But other than that, I’ve had good relations with gay people, even though the majority of the ones I know are strange in one way or another (including the one girl who flashed me her boobs).

There is a lot at stake with this election, and right now, even as a liberal voter, I don’t know who I would vote for president.  It would have been nice if Obama had picked Clinton as his VP, but where McCain got his idea to pick the governonr of a state that barely gets any sunshine – well, we’ll never really know.

Anyway, Halloween is coming up and I am PSYCHED because it’s the first year I’m cosplaying – as Ichimaru Gin from the anime Bleach.  I bought the costume online, and I’ll be in the costume contest being held at school.  I’ll definitely have to get pictures posted here.  I’m too old go out for candy, but I think I’ll give away the transformers packs that have been sitting in the trunk of my car for over a year (they’re still good!).  Sure, I’m playing a male character and I refuse to cut my hair, but I’m going to get a silver hairspray so I can get in character.  Not to mention, I also have sandals and a sword (a wooden one) to go with the costume.  My boyfriend has Ichigo’s sword (his bankai), but it’s too big and it’s metal, so it’d be illegal to bring to school.  Next year, I’ll try for something custom.

Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on October 9, 2008.

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