New arrival!

My niece Cora was born yesterday at 10:24am, right as I was on my way to school.  I am officially an aunt, and Hello, my sister’s overweight cat, now has a little sister.  I went to see my sister and my brother-in-law at the hospital yesterday, and Cora has my sister’s nose and her father’s eyes and mouth.  I really don’t know how you attribute a baby’s mouth to their mom or dad.  It’s a nice hospital – California Pacific Medical Center – with a 5-star rating for their maternity ward.  Even their menu is better than what I’ve seen – even comes with Chinese food!  (my parents enjoyed that)  Things will be different now that iBebe is finally here – and on time.  And my mom said that she’d be late, considering that both my sister and I were late babies.  But it’s not like the mom can determine when the baby will come, and dates are all approximate – the biology and chemistry of the body determines everything.  With a new addition to the family, my parents are calling everyone who knew about my sister’s pregnancy, but I didn’t really tell anyone because no one would care or they don’t know my sister that well.  Hopefully, I can arrange for my wedding to be when Cora is about 5 or 6 years old, that way, she can be the flower girl in my wedding.  It’s the bonus I get for having a niece.  =)

In other news, we have 4 new additions to pharmacy, and a lot less parking.  It looks like every program took in several people (not including vet tech).  I get there early and my usual spot is already gone!  It’s like, I have 30 minutes until class starts and all the good spots are gone!  It looks like I’ll have to leave even earlier just to get decent parking.  I’ve never had problems parking at school until now.  There are -other-spots available, but I’ve asked about them and it looks like we’re not allowed to park there.  I’ve already gotten a notice for parking in another business’s parking spot, but it’s not my fault that there are too many students and not enough parking spots.  Not to mention some people don’t know how to park and take up 2 spaces!  I also have a bigger car, so there are only so many places I can park where I won’t hit another car with my car door.  I had hoped that parking would be the least of my problems…

With the new term comes new people and new math.  It’s not difficult yet (the math), but it’s about syringes and reading drug labels.  From what I’ve heard, my incoming class (the 4 of us) are the only ones that are able to do any kind of actual lab work because we’re been through aseptic (sterile) technique to avoid contamination.  Even though that particular class was difficult, having been briefed on aseptic technique gives us four the chance to do things that classes entering the program after us won’t be able to do.  I look forward to the microbiology lab, but with the growing number of students in the class, I doubt there will be enough microscopes to go around and we’ll all have to share.  I’m not too keen on sharing science supplies (since I’m used to working by myself), but we’ll never get the work done in the short time we have in class if all of us do the work ourselves.

I have finally revealed the link for the online server where I keep my notes (and the first unit drug list), so I hope people will find that useful.  However, I hope people don’t take advantage of it because I’m doing it out of courtesy.  I think I have all the correct settings because it doesn’t let anyone make new folders or upload material.  I -could- put a password on it, but that’s only going to cause more problems.

I might be going to Egypt for Christmas, so I don’t know if they’ll allow access to WP over there.  If not, I will have to blog elsewhere, probably on Xanga or Vox, depending on their restrictions.  I want people to know about my trip since I’m going to get Aperture 2 for my Mac and try to do some creative stuff with the photos.  I’m normally not a creative person, but with a Mac, there are far more possibilties than what was available on a PC.  If all works out, I’ll be blogging my trip and adding photos at the same time.  I’ll keep my readers updated. =)

That’s all for now.  Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on July 30, 2008.

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