The summer has begun…

I usually don’t write about controversial topics or debate with other people about the things I believe in.  However, I do have strong opinions, and it is possible that I may hurt someone’s feelings.  In that case, I’m letting readers know in advance that I will be ranting and raving about things that are going on in society and in my life – it all ties in somehow.  It’s just that something set me off today, and I feel that I have to have all this down or it’s going to keep bothering me.  There will be unrelated topics, no doubt about that, but it still may tie in – somehow.  If it makes sense, that’s good.  If not, well, that means there’s more thinking involved. 

Summer has begun and the heat is killing me.  I had a feeling it was going to be super hot this summer because California didn’t get much rain during the winter or the spring.  There are brush fires everywhere, and with a drought going on, it’s going to be even harder to fight the fires.  The money situation doesn’t help either with the rising fuel costs and people staying in air-conditioned homes.  It’s an Olympic year – with controversial discussions between the host country and its neighbors.  Obviously, society still has problems getting along (as we’ve seen in history anywhere in the world).

The first topic that I’ve ranted and raved about before is education.  I was planning to become a teacher (if you read my earlier entries), but later found out that it did not suit me.  Do I miss it?  Not really.  Student teachers should be paid – they spend the entire school day with the class, then go to class at night.  How does anyone get any rest, not to mention no time to work, so they can hardly support themselves.  What bothers me is that because of NCLB (No Child Left Behind), more time is spent on reading/language arts and mathematics than any other subject in a self-contained classroom (usually K-5).  With pressure on those particular subjects, there’s not time for science, history/social studies, music, art, and PE (or any other worthwhile activities). There are little FAT KIDS running around because there’s no time during the school day for a good workout in PE.  Before I left the credential program, “PE” was running laps.  It’s exercise (I guess), but once a week doesn’t cut it.  In order to keep up with the reading/language arts and mathematics standards, teachers start cramming the science and history into those subjects (i.e. counting animals for math for younger grades, and reading about historical places for language arts for older students).  There is no separate time for these other neglected subjects.  Mt. Diablo Unified School District (MDUSD) lets all out all students (1st through 12th) early on Wednesdays because there’s no money to pay teachers to keep kids for a normal school day.  I NEVER had short days in school, unless they were minimum days as scheduled by the district.    

School is supposed to be fun.  With standards to meet, school doesn’t seem so fun anymore.  I don’t remember having to meet standards at this age, let alone spend the entire day on language arts and mathematics.  I was fortunate enough to have music, art, science, and history 1st through 5th grade.  How those programs were, though, is a totally different story.  Another thing that bothers me is the method of teaching students (regardless of the grade level).  I have seen people think some kids are stupid because they don’t understand the information.  Kids aren’t stupid, but there are disabilities that may prevent students from learning the information. Putting disabilities aside, it’s not “one size fits all” and every kid learns the same way.  If everyone learned the same way, we might as well as be robots.  I strongly believe in using different methods of approach so that each student in the classroom can process the information in his or her own way.  I’m a hybrid learner, but it also depends on the material.  I like doing things hands-on (science and history are all about hands-on) because that’s how I learn best.  I’ve managed to adapt to learning in an audio and visual way, though it is not as effective as learning through a hands-on method. There is also the “I do it, we do it, and you do it” method, which I feel is the best way for learning abstract concepts.  I feel that older teachers do not emphasize enough on teaching through multiple methods, leaving students lost and unable to understand the material.  That’s why you see kids in summer school. They could understand the material (during the school year) if it was presented in a different way.  This is why I asked my pharmacy tech instructor/program director if I could take notes with my laptop – I type faster than I write, I can organize things better, and if anyone wants to borrow my notes, I can always email them out.  It makes everything in my life more streamlined, and in a way, a hands-on method of learning the material by typing everything rather than just reading it or hearing it.  

Anyway, it is obvious that the world is a sexist place.  Men are in governmental positions, the head of companies, among other things.  They also get far more recognition than a woman with the same skills.  I feel that the reason why Clinton didn’t win the Democratic nomination because people are sexist and are not ready to deal with a woman in power.  Obama wants change, and so does everyone else.  Clinton being president would definitely be change, in more ways than one.  There are articles I’ve read mention that women are more sensitive to people’s needs, and well, the US needs someone who is sensitive to the people’s needs. Being at war is NOT being sensitive to the people’s needs.  Of course, the woman is blamed because she ate the forbidden fruit and screwed things up for everyone else.  I feel that the general population is afraid of a woman in power, even if she has better skills and more experience than her opponent(s).  I happened to vote for Clinton because I live in California – a liberal, Democratic state with a city that has legalized gay marriage and believes in using marijuana for medical purposes.    

I was told by a friend that I’d do well in Boy Scouts – except that I’m not a guy.  Guys get so much recognition for being in Boy Scouts and becoming an Eagle Scout.  Girls get NOTHING.  This is why I’m glad my mom didn’t put me into Girl Scouts – they don’t teach you JACK about life and survival.  They only teach the cool stuff to the Boy Scouts.  I’m not a girly girl, that’s for sure, so I wouldn’t fit into the Girl Scout idea.  

Anyway, I think that’s all of it.  I don’t think I’ve written this much before.  If I hurt people’s feelings with my opinions, there was a warning at the top.  Don’t blame me if you didn’t read it carefully.  In the meantime, I’m going to sleep…    


~ by twilightmelfina on June 23, 2008.

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