The new term…

School has started again, but the weekend felt longer than usual.  Probably because I spent Saturday playing Twilight Imperium for 7 hours.  Yeah, it’s a LONG game, not to mention it’s more fun when you understand how the game mechanics work.  But anyway…

I got my grade for my oral presentation – perfect A, for someone who didn’t rehearse (the presentations are timed by the instructors) and probably went too fast.  But I did have an upper hand on the topic because of my background.  We call it “tactical cheating” in Warmachine and Hordes – we play by the rules and abuse all the extremely broken aspects without actually breaking any rules.  It’s part of the strategic thinking process.  We get our grades tomorrow, as I was hoping for them on Monday.  We have five new people – all girls!  I’m surprised, considering that I was expecting at least one guy (there was one who stopped by a few weeks ago to see the class).  *sigh*  Oh well.  His loss to not be surrounded by women.  

Those new kids are lucky to be starting at the very beginning of the curriculum, since everything will make more sense as they continue in the program.  With me, I entered the program at the end of the curriculum (the last class to take before the externship), so it’s not that bad in a sense because I learned complicated material early on and have a chance in this term to really understand what I learned before.  I won’t have to sit in the dark trying to understand complicated concepts.  

The general education class for this term is psychology, which is online and looks exciting.  I miss taking psychology classes, but I did have my share of a bad experience at San Jose, not to mention a professor died before I graduated (and I took his class).  I hope to help my friends, since being a child and adolescent development major involves a lot of child psychology and their development (obviously).  It doesn’t seem like a difficult class, but for those who are not used to taking online classes, it is a test of time management.  My time management is horrific, which is why I don’t take online classes (except for that senior seminar for my major because it was the only time offered).  Even though there was so much time to get everything done, I waited until the last possible moment to do all the work.  Talk about major procrastination.

Anyway, I think that’s all for now.  Until next time… 


~ by twilightmelfina on June 17, 2008.

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