Almost done…

I did my oral report today – the 6th one in a 13-person lineup.  I thought it went well, and the class really thought I had samples to give out.  Sorry, no can do, as much as I would like to hand out free sunscreen to everyone.  It’s just not possible, considering my background and what I have to protect.  I already have my topic for next term – poison oak.  I’m going with the seasons, but after next term, I don’t have any more ideas.  I could always look up some random disease, but that takes way too much effort.  I put time into this report, but it’s not as important as doing well in the class.  

Anyway, this term is just about over, just tomorrow and Thursday and we’re home free – until we start the next term on Monday and see if we get any new people.  It’s an accelerated program, so there’s no break unless it’s a holiday.  That means, the orientation will be on Friday.  The vet tech program won’t be getting new people, since the people who started last month won’t get out until January 2010.  That’s a LONG time from now.  It was my original choice, but I can’t risk my allergies getting in the way of my work.  In pharmacy, well, it has to be clean all the time, so I won’t have to worry about my allergies as much.  

In other things, D&D 4.0 has come and gone.  There are still a lot of books available, much less so of the gift sets (which are just the three books in a cardboard sleeve).  Even though be awhile before I use the Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG) or Monster Manual (MM), they are good books to have because I can always learn something new from them.  Besides, I do want to take my hand at being a Dungeon Master.  I never know what I can do unless I try, and I’ve watched good DMs run games.  They’ve set a good example for me.  I’ve also met a variety of players – most are good, then there are some I wouldn’t be caught playing with.  It’s people management, and some people do or don’t manage people well.  I don’t manage little kids well, but then they (the kids) barely have any control over themselves.  

But because of 4.0, I can finally get back into D&D.  I had a falling out, and struggled to understand 3rd edition.  I had trouble making characters and understanding all the numbers and charts and whatnot.  With 4th edition, everything has been simplified, and it works in favor of new players.  I wouldn’t know how 4.0 is faring with people who have played D&D for the majority of their lives.  However, for the meantime, I’m looking for a chance to play with a good DM and to have a good time.

Until next time…  


~ by twilightmelfina on June 10, 2008.

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