The first term…

Has gone by extremely quickly.  The first term technically isn’t over yet; there is still one more week of class, then presentations, then finals.  We start all over again that following Monday.  There’s no break whatsoever.  It’s not so bad, considering that class isn’t until 11am (unless you’re taking GEs), so it’s a chance for me to sleep in.  However, sleeping too much is not good for me.  So far, I’ve done relatively well in the class, with a surprising A on my last math test (don’t know how that happened, considering that the two I got wrong were the ones I guessed).  As for the unit tests, I’ve managed to keep a B-average, although I would rather have an A-average.  The material continues to get more difficult, but I expected this; it’s an accelerated program and we’re expected to work right out of school.  We finally had a so-called “lab” in which we stuck these HUGE IV needles into vials of sterile water and measured out amounts of liquid into syringes.  It was good practice because sticking needles into vials of drugs or sterile water is going to be done a lot in an inpatient pharmacy (gotta make those IV bags).  The instructors told us not to do the “paramedic way,” which is to hold the vial in the hand while inserting the needle and contaminating the syringe.  Since we’ll be doing this technique in a sterile environment, doing it the “paramedic way” prevents the vial and syringe from staying sterile.  I look forward to the next lab, but it really depends on how much time we have in class.

As for everything else in life, I know that the credential program just finished their student teaching for the academic school year, and I hope it was successful.  I don’t know and don’t really care if anyone misses me.  If they missed me, I’d get emails.  I got NOTHING.  They probably do care, but they have far more important things to worry about than someone who was asked to leave the program.  Do I miss anyone? Not really.  Do I miss the kids?  Some, but only those that really made a difference to me.

I feel that the reason why teaching didn’t work out for me because I was never good in all subjects.  Science was always my true calling; I’ve been to so many science museums since I was a little kid.  I took science camps over the summer and everything.  Mind you that I was the only girl doing these summer camps.  I miss them now, being too old to do anything now, and too poor to visit any of the museums.  The California Academy of Science reopens in the fall, so I can’t wait to go back.  I grew up with that academy, visiting every exhibit and learning something new every time.  And even though I like animals, the vet tech program would have put far more stress on me because there is so much more to learn.  Besides, if I’m lucky, they’ll want a tech to help in the pharmacy.  =)

Anyways, I’m procrastinating too much; I have the writeup for the oral report due Monday and I haven’t started yet.  Besides, who wants to read a report that’s single-spaced?  I wouldn’t, since it’d make my eyes hurt.  It’s what they want, so I’m going to start typing it double-spaced, then shrink it down.  I haven’t written ANYTHING single-spaced in YEARS.  This is definitely going to a change for me.

Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on May 30, 2008.

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