The first week…

The first week of school has passed uneventfully.  Since I told my program director/instructor that I would be using my laptop to take notes in class, she put me in the far left corner – the only seat with a power outlet.  It’s not that bad since I can still see the board and everything.  However, I don’t have a lot of space since there are tables instead of desks.  So far, the material isn’t difficult, but there is a lot of reading involved and basic math problems to complete.  I’ve been using a lot of index cards to help me with the memorization.  The first test is on Monday (which I’ll cover in a bit) on the material that was covered this past week.  This weekend is definitely going to be filled with a lot of studying and flash card making.

Based on my interpretation of a week’s worth of classes, I definitely feel that more time could be spent on the technical portion.  We’re in class for just under 3 hours, and it is simply not enough time to cover the material.  I should know this; I’m an education major.  And even though I am no longer on the path to become a teacher, I understand how there is not enough time to cover all the necessary material.  In grade school, they make time by cutting other programs as well as staff.  With no money, not much can be done.  Ther is a lot ahead for me to learn, but if there is not enough class time, then I’ll just have to figure it out myself.

Currently, this is day 2 of week 2 of term 1.  I’m not having trouble yet, although I noticed that people struggled on Monday’s test.  It wasn’t hard, and even though I didn’t get a perfect grade, a 97 suits me just fine.  For those who didn’t get at least a 90, I’m disappointed because all the questions from the test were in the reading.  The one question I missed I didn’t see in the reading, but there’s always a chance that I missed it when I was reviewing the questions.  Everyone got a free question because it was worded incorrectly (based on the material we had covered), so there were two possible answers.  So, instead of a 94 (2 answers wrong), I got a 97 (1 answer wrong).  I’m happy, so this is an incentive to do better.  I want to keep consistency on all my work, and even though first term students are allowed to write their homework, I type it anyway because it looks nice, it’s easier to review with, and I won’t lose it.  Not to mention, it’s easier to organize.  And with all the handouts we get, I’ll definitely need to get a bigger binder.  I’m already running low on space and it’s only the second week of class.   I really don’t want to bring a 2-inch binder to class just yet because it won’t fit in my backpack.  The funny thing is, I haven’t used my laptop at all to take notes.  Everything is on PowerPoint (thank God for PowerPoint), so any notes I do take will be on the slides.  It’s SO convenient.  However, the slide formatting is, well, could be improved.  The font could be more readable, for starters.

We have our first math test tomorrow. If it’s based off the homework, it won’t be difficult.  As long as they allow calculators, I should be fine.  I hate doing math by hand, and it’s even worse when I can’t check my work because then I’ll think that all my work is wrong.  I’m a bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to that.  The new reading has missing pages, so it’s hard to get it done when not all the material is there.  At the end of the term, all students have to do an oral presentation, so I’m trying to figure out what the best topic is, without making it seem like I have a a background in medicine.  I can’t give out samples, that’s for sure, because then everyone will want more.

Anyway, I should update again in another 2 weeks or so.  Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on May 13, 2008.

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