So, school starts Monday. Am I excited? I guess, since I’ve always liked science and always did well in science classes (well, except for chemistry). Even though I already have an undergraduate degree, my major was all about research, and well, I’m not that excited about doing research when I could be doing bigger and better things. I tried being a teacher, but that didn’t work out. They always say it takes a certain kind of person to be a teacher, and even though I like kids, it just wasn’t a good match because I was incapable of keeping a classroom under control. I did well in my classes, but that means absolutely nothing if the classroom is out of control. I enjoy learning, but I wish I had realized that earlier when I was younger – then I would have done better in school and would probably have a great career by now. My dream was to go to vet school, the only one being in the area is at UC Davis. It’s one of the best programs in the nation, and from what I’ve heard, the hardest school to get into. So, off to San Jose I went, majoring in child and adolescent development – all research but no application. I got into the credential program relatively easy, but because I had far less experience than everyone else in the program and had never been in situations where I had to constantly look after other people. I like the kids, but it just wasn’t a good match. I was told by my program supervisors that I could still do school-related things, but that teaching was not going to be my strong point.

I spent a month out of school and out of work. It’s kind of hard to get a job when it economy totally blows and gasoline is $4/gallon. I would like a job, since I have the time for it (I only have class until 2 in the afternoon). So, when I go back to school on Monday, I’ll be in an accelerated degree program for pharmacy technology. It’s heavy on the technical portions of science, like math and chemistry, but I have a fairly good memory, so I’ll be going through a lot of flash cards. I don’t remember where my unused index cards are, so I raided my dad’s desk and found an unopened pack plus some loose cards. I’ve already started to make flash cards, since the only way I’m going to survive in this program and be at the top of my class is to constantly study and memorize the information.

As for the orientation, it was long and unexciting. I met my program director, who apparently, is a lot like me. I have a feeling that we’re going to get along great. I also met two other people that are starting the program the same time as me, although there was supposed to be a 4th person (don’t know for sure). All people with programs starting on Monday got their textbooks, and I realized last night that I have two copies of the microbiology lab manual. I’ll have to return the second book on Monday and figure out if I’m missing any books. Also during orientation, we met all the important people, like the director of admissions, the dean of admissions, among other people. The people I feel bad for is those in the vet tech program; I heard they had two bags of books (I only had one) and an entire week for orientation.

The first class I’ll be taking will probably be the hardest because all of us new kids will have no previous knowledge – it’s oncology and gastrointestinal stuff. Math is on Wednesdays and quizzes are every Monday. It looks like I may be sacrificing my Sundays to study, but at least I’ll be able to have fun on Saturdays.

Well, that’s my update for the beginning of the month. Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on May 3, 2008.

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