Final Decisions…

It may seem like I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to do with my life, but I’ve made my final decision to be in the veterinary technology program. I weighed out the pros and cons, and also considered my strengths. I’ve always been around animals, since I can remember. I spent hours at the California Academy of Science, looking at every single exhibit. I never missed anything. And once they reopen in the fall, I’m going to go again, mainly to relive my childhood memories.

My other choice was to go into pharmacy technology because of my parents’ involvement in medicine. It would be the “convenient” choice because of my background and access to outside help. But if I made the “convenient” choice, what would I share with my future co-workers? Everything would be about medicine and medical-related things – things I’m not really interested in. However, being in the veterinary technology program means that I would be around animals all the time, and be with people who enjoy animals, just like me.

Although the programs are long (I won’t be graduating until 2010), but it is a degree program, and the clinical rotation will take up the remaining time when I’m not in class. Also, since I already have a degree, it will take some money off the total tuition price. There were other choices that were shorter programs, but the only reason for doing any of those program would be for the shorter length. My regular admissions representative wasn’t there, so I had to talk to another representative, and he told me that the vet tech program is more advanced than the pharmacy tech program. I highly doubt that, since pharmacy technicians have to memorize many kinds of medication, from the ones that are commonly prescribed to the obscure ones that may have recently been approved by the FDA.

I want people to think that I made a worthwhile decision, even if it may pay significantly less than being a pharmacy technician. It wasn’t something that someone told me to do; I made these decisions myself. I wish I had been able to discuss everything with my regular admissions representative because she knew me better and we have things in common (like the video game thing).

I have my orientation the Friday before classes start in May, so I have about another 2 weeks before I start having to study my brains out. I went to visit the animal hospital in San Ramon, and I’m hoping they will accept me during clinical rotations and stuff. It would be nice to work in such a big facility because I’ll have more access to resources and other stuff.

Anyway, that’s my update. Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on April 16, 2008.

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