Life in this society…

Is so disappointing – for many reasons.  For starters, it’s California’s education.  For a state that is able to offer so much, it is ranked 43rd in the nation when it comes to education.  There are ONLY 50 states in this country; how can California be seven states from being at the very bottom?  California acquired statehood in 1850, after gold was found in Sacramento.  It’s just the beginning of 2008, 158 years later, and the state is broke and overcrowded, among other things.   We may have the best public university system in the nation, but apparently, it’s still not enough.  Primary and secondary schools have no money, thus cannot hire the teachers that are in demand because the state has no money.  With the governor’s budget cuts, things are only going to get worse before they can get better.  But how long does California have to wait?  Hasn’t California waited long enough?  Tuition fees continue to go up, but the quality of education goes down.  When I started at San Jose State University in 2001, tuition was just over $1,000.  Right now, tuition hovers just under $1,700 a semester (I think).  I’m paying LESS in a credential program at Cal State Hayward, while a credential program at SJSU would have cost me probably over $2,000 a semester, and that’s JUST tuition.  Books would have been another $500 or so.   I PAID for my last semester at  San Jose, which cost me $1,234, using money I saved from the best job I ever had (before I lost it).  And I haven’t even put in housing and transportation.  Living in San Jose is not cheap, and most people share with at least 3 other people just to make rent.  And there’s also never enough parking, or no parking at all.  I’ve heard stories about how people will FIGHT over a parking spot.  It’s pathetic.

But onto more depressing things because this is what I observe by working in a city that is notorious for illegal activity – Antioch (although Pittsburg and Richmond don’t fare any better).  Whatever you’re thinking, it probably happens somewhere, somehow.  But what bothers me the most is that the people I’ve observed and encountered have no morals, or maybe they do, and they have horrible judgment.  I work at GameStop, the one company that is above all others when it comes to new and used video games and accessories.  Customers trade in their games, and receive either cash or store credit for it.  Simple process, right?  WRONG.  In the TWO DAYS I’ve spent at the Antioch store (which is also my boyfriend’s store), I’ve processed several hundred dollars worth of stolen games as trade-ins.  All for cash, of course.  And it’s weird, because the SAME GAMES keep showing up, which I’m assuming they’re all stealing from the same place.  It’s the same game on the exact same system.  I miss my old store because we wouldn’t have this problem, and it was a rare occurrence.  To think that someone would stoop so LOW as to steal video games and trade them in, without the effort to make them look as though they have been played.  Even the stickers that seal the games are broken, but not taken off.  And these people know that we don’t take unopened games, unless it was a legitimate purchase (like a gift) and it was being returned.  We don’t have ANY games on the shelf, just display cases to show what games are available.  Having live games on the shelf would be like walking into a bank and being able to see the vault and everything inside.

I believe I was raised well with good morals and a good sense of judgment.  I may have done or said stupid things, but nothing that would intentionally harm someone.  I don’t smoke, and I swore I never would.  Drinking is on occasion, but still very rare.  I may be legal to drink, but I would rather take a soda than destroy my liver.  In the end, the people I see at work can be judged by their actions alone – monsters that were never properly raised and leech off society.  But it is a cycle, and thus we keep moving forward.

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~ by twilightmelfina on January 15, 2008.

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