The new year…

An entire week has gone by in the new year, so I thought it would be appropriate for an update.

For starters, school has started and there is already enough work to be completed to lose my sanity.  For my team seminar, I have to observe 3 different classrooms, write a 3-5 page paper about it, as well as do a presentation in class on the day that it’s due.  Not only that, I also have to write a management plan, with the only help we have is the textbook.  Thankfully, it’s only a draft.

For my computer class (well, technology in the classroom), we’re working in a Mac lab, but on last generation hardware (the previous iMac model) and software (OS X Tiger).  I’m a bit disappointed, but then it is only a middle school and they don’t have much money to upgrade their computer lab(s).  There has been some confusion on when this class is supposed to meet, since the next meeting conflicts with the team seminar.  Hopefully, the professor and the department will working something out.  This should be a fun and easy class for me, as I am one of the few people with knowledge of both operating systems.

UPDATED: The technology class schedule has been updated and finalized (I guess), since the professor sent everyone an email about the remaining class sessions.

I recently had my math class and my management class, and though not very exciting (it was only the first day), I like the professor and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of difficult things to get done.  The management class (technically called, Planning for Instruction) requires two lesson plans, which will probably be the hardest things for me to do because there are actually specific models you base your lesson plan on.  I only know one model and that is the direct instruction model because that’s the only thing I was taught and the only examples I was given.  There is an individual lesson plan and a group lesson plan, so there’s a lot to work to be done.  As for the math class, I have three major assignments: a math presentation (this should be easy, since I have access to hundreds of games), and a math lecture (it’s more like a discussion of a chapter in the book), and a signature assignment that will probably take the majority of my time.  Other than that, it’s mostly participation and two quizzes.  We’re supposed to keep notebooks, but at this point, I may end up typing everything online (provided there are no difficult diagrams or weird graphs) because it just looks better when I don’t have to write.  Not to mention, I don’t think he had a problem with it because he probably knows that there is absolutely no internet access at the school, except in the computer labs.  This is my longest day for the quarter, since I start class at 4pm and don’t get out until 9pm.  The bookstore didn’t have the textbook for the math class (it’s apparently backordered), so I went to another website and ordered it there, not only paying less but I also got free shipping.  Hopefully, the book will arrive before the next class because I need to start doing the homework.  Falling behind in graduate school is not an option because I simply won’t have the time to catch up.

As for my job, I don’t know if I (still) have one. A guy from my boyfriend’s store transferred to my store and started taking hours that were rightfully mine.  My store is slow (since we’re still new and a lot of people don’t know the location), and this high schooler just wants to get paid to do as little work as possible.  With that kind of attitude, I’ll be surprised if he even makes it out of high school and into the real word.  Even DVC will be too challenging because he won’t want to do the work.  In the end, it will come back to him in a very bad way.  So, at this point, I’m going to get transferred to a store that needs me instead of staying at a store that provides me with absolutely nothing.

Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on January 9, 2008.

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