Happy Holidays…

Well, it’s 2 days late, but I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Mine was enjoyable, I guess. No one from far away came over this year, so the house was a bit empty. My lizard Chuckie has been with me for 4 months now, with no problems. He’s a great pet, and he likes to sleep all day (like me). The food was great, although we didn’t have enough apple cider to go around. As for gifts, I don’t really bother with the giving or the receiving anymore. I try to give when I know I’ll get something back, but some people don’t do anything at all, not even a card (that would be one of my aunts). She sat at the regular dinner table ALL NIGHT reading, ignoring her kids and not even trying to join in the conversations at the formal dining room table. It’s like, DO YOU EVER GET OUT? She didn’t even GREET me, which hurt – a lot. At least her husband said something. Something is better than NOTHING. She must not be a very social person, or a very boring one. Just because you don’t know some people doesn’t mean you can’t listen to the conversation. As usual, since I never see people that are related to me, I don’t bother with the gifts or anything like that. If you want to get me something, that’s great. If you don’t want to, a card would be nice. It shows that you care. If you want to get me something but you don’t know what, just give me money. I know what I like and I know what I want. Gift cards to stores I don’t visit (like Macys) are a waste of money and time because their clothes don’t fit me. I like Starbucks, GameStop, Best Buy, Old Navy, Sanrio (that was from my boyfriend), or just plain cash. I also have a wishlist on Amazon.com. Even though the holidays are over, I should probably update it. I’ve picked up a lot of bootleg DVDs over the past year, so I need to do some updating.

In other news, I start school again very soon, in fact, the second week of January. I’m going from a semester system school (San Jose State) to a quarter system school (Cal State Hayward, NOT East Bay). It will be different because there will be a lot more things to do and a lot less time to get it done. I already have an assignment due at the end of January, so I have to start that the moment the elementary schools in the area get back from their winter break. All my classes are at night, which doesn’t bode well for me because I would rather be sleeping at night rather than learning. Thankfully, since I’m a partnership program with the Mt. Diablo Unified School District, all my classes are taken at a local school in Pleasant Hill, so that means FREE PARKING!!! Except that there will no wireless (I can’t surf during class), and everything will be mostly interactive, which means I won’t be taking much notes on my laptop. I -really- don’t want to switch back to using a notebook because I haven’t taken notes in class in the last 2 years by hand (except one, that one was an exception). Besides, having it all on my MacBook makes it SO MUCH EASIER to search my notes for study guides and study sessions. I do NOT want to retype all my notes, although it may somehow help me learn the material better. Thankfully, the MacBook has GREAT battery life, although I am considering another battery for school (just in case). I don’t know if I want to get another power adapter/cable because it doesn’t really bother me as much as it did with the Dell. Then, in February, I start student teaching. I’m scared because I talk a lot and I talk fast, and I’m afraid that students in the younger grades won’t be able to understand me. And, towards the end of the school year, I have to SOLO teach. That’s right, teach by myself, have all the lesson plans written out – EVERYTHING. Thankfully, my MacBook can take care of all my lesson plans, except that the faculty wants lesson plans written out, which means I have to spend money on a lesson plan book. I’ll upload everything online, so the parents of my students can see the work they are and will be doing in the classroom. I’m excited, but nervous at the same time. We recently had an orientation, and I met some great people. It’s a small group, so we’ll get to know each other super fast. The only downfall of being in graduate school is that I won’t have time for anything else, including my boyfriend. It’s like having a new 9-5 job, without getting paid for it. I’ll try to make time for everything else outside of school, but I can’t make any promises.

And the last topic on the list is work. Work is work, but since I didn’t work the day after Thanksgiving, my consolation prize was working the day after Christmas. It was CROWDED and BUSY ALL DAY. Thankfully, we had enough people to go around, but the lines weren’t moving fast enough. It makes me miss my old job, but now there are other people to pick up after the boss. I was his right hand employee for 2 years, and even though it felt strange going back (to the store) and not being part of it, I was still welcome and still had some perks (getting things that don’t sell at cost, knowing that I may buy them eventually). I think I miss my discount the most, but not much else. But the day after Christmas sale – people aren’t as crazy because they’re not waiting outside the door waiting for you to open before the sun rises. In fact, people didn’t start showing up until after the sun rose – like after 9am. People were even calling asking if we were open yet. I don’t blame them because they probably thought we had normal business hours. There was a lot of work and a lot of clutter on the counter, but I managed to keep it organized and clean, with enough space for everything. The time went by fast, since I was constantly always doing something. But now I realize that I need new shoes for work – my feet are killing me! My new shoes were comfortable at first, but later on, the more I stay in them, the more my feet hurt. That means I either need to get some comfort soles, or I need new shoes. Or both. In the end, I’m going to spend money.

Anyway, that’s my holiday update – I’ll probably write again after the new year. See everyone next year! =)


~ by twilightmelfina on December 27, 2007.

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