Holiday hellfire

It’s two weeks before Christmas and I’m still not really in the holiday spirit. Maybe because the stress of school (and more school) is taking up space in my mind more than the holidays. I’m excited to go back to school (although I could have been taking a break this semester), but it makes me wonder if I’m not trying hard enough to get things done the way it should be done. I’ve procrastinated since middle school, and it has only gotten progressively worse. I have horrible time management, and keeping a calendar only reminds me what I have to do, not when I need to get it done. It’s great that school will be so close, but how will that affect me and everything else around me? I love meeting new people, but at the same time, my inability to trust people and rely on them for help prevents me from making close friends. Classmates are simply acquaintances from class, and that’s what they are to me. I expect friends to share similar interests, whatever they might be, and I have a difficult time finding other girls who like the same things I do. In the end, it makes me understand why I spend more time around guys than with girls – I have more things in common with guys than I do with girls.

In other news, every parent is still looking for a Nintendo Wii. Personally, I think the only reason why every parent wants one because it is the most in demand toy in the US. The concept of supply and demand comes into play because the supply is so low, and the demand is too high. Except that the price hasn’t budged since it was released in November 2006 – $249.99 ($270.61 after tax). Nintendo could be making so much more money if they made them faster, but then the rush and thrill of waiting for one would be gone because the system would be readily available. It also bothers me that these parents are buying a Wii for the demand alone; their kids are going to play it once and forget about it, especially with the younger crowd. I had someone in my class asking me if I could get stuff for her kid who is only six years old. Um, NO. It doesn’t work that way, even if I was kind enough to help. The kid isn’t even old enough to play even simplest games, much less hold a system controller in his hands. The parents are understanding that shipment for these systems only come in once a week, but they call every day, and we give them the same answer. If you really wanted one, you would have bought one in the summer or in October, when we had at least 20. Planning ahead doesn’t hurt, especially when you already know that the item is going to be constantly SOLD OUT. I should tell parents that if they want a Wii for next year or for any celebration, they should buy it NOW and hide it. It’s not a difficult concept to grasp, except that the multitude of parents are willing to wait ALL MORNING and MOST OF THE AFTERNOON for the UPS truck to show up. It’s pathetic. All these parents think about the present, and not about how they could have a Wii if they just thought about getting it earlier.

Anyway, when it comes to guys, I have a great boyfriend. We do (almost) everything together, and we share similar interests. We love to eat (at the same restaurants), and I could say that we have problems managing our money, especially with the way we spend. However, when it comes to the guys who stare at me because I’m an Asian female capable of fulfilling the stereotypical Asian schoolgirl role, I just want to beat them, even if they ask for mercy. There is this ONE guy, who has pathetically attempted to get my attention and flirt with me, and doesn’t seem to know when to back down. I mean, he’s turned his head to look at me when I’m walking to the bathroom. It doesn’t get any worse than that. Apparently, he hasn’t gotten the fact that I am NOT available, nor will I date a guy who would put me in that stereotypical role. I’m not eye candy, and I will make myself presentable to the public (since I work in retail), but not for a guy who just wants to stare at me. On the personal front, I’ve had my Mac for about 1.5 weeks. It’s a great computer without any problems. I’m stuck with it for the next 3 years (warranty), but with the research I’ve done and the reviews I’ve read, this computer may last a lot longer than that. There are no popup windows or balloons or whatnot telling you that the computer is in danger or anything like that. As much as I have the ability to install Windows on this machine, I’ve decided that I’m going to use my desktop as a Windows machine because its only use will be more MapleStory and the DVD burner. The startup and shutdown are quick and efficient, and everything about the software flows so smoothly. Sure, it’s been 15+ years since my Apple IIC days, but I grew up a Mac kid and I have finally returned to my roots. Plus, this computer will finally give me a chance to be creative, and not boring. I’ve had the hardest time being creative because PowerPoint slides were just straight text – no animations, no clip art, no nothing. But with a credential program looming up fast, being creative is so important to me as a teacher. I want to make things exciting for students, not boring. I still have to adjust to the keyboard, since the keys are a bit spread out in comparison to PC laptop keyboards. The whole one-click thing – it’s a hassle, but I’ve managed to deal with it. It takes an extra step, but it doesn’t mean I can’t do it. Compatibility in software will be the biggest hurdle, but having Microsoft Office for Mac makes my world run a bit smoother because I will have some familiarity with that program. Everything else is still so new, but I won’t know what it’s like until I actually try it. In the meantime, I should probably get a book or find a way to better understand these creativity programs.

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~ by twilightmelfina on December 12, 2007.

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