The beginning of the end…

Well, in other words, the holiday season has begun. And people are everywhere – literally. I’ve never shopped on Black Friday, and I never want to. I was stuck going into the city on Friday to help my parents with some paperwork and then I was going shopping with my sister to find me an outfit for my credential program interview this coming Tuesday. This wasn’t Black Friday shopping; this was going shopping to look professional and hopefully my age (and not a teenager). Of course, we went through the crowds of Black Friday shoppers, and it was absolutely insane. I thought China had too many people on the street on a daily basis, but this was out of control. Even the SFPD was out for traffic control because there were so many people. Being someone who grew up in the city, it was quite amusing to see the tourists apart from the locals. Macys had set up their display windows for the ASPCA, as an incentive for people to adopt the kittens and puppies. I think people were more inclined to take pictures than take one home. I would love to take one home, except that I’m never home, my parents are never home, and the cat would probably eat my leopard gecko.

But when it comes to Black Friday shopping, always look at the advertisements. Everything they put on discount is either a) really good and the store knows the product will be flying off shelves, or b) it’s stuff that would never sell as a gift, so it’s marked down to some ridiculously cheap price so only a boneheaded person who didn’t do their shopping research would buy it. Its the store’s way to getting rid of product that wouldn’t sell for any occasion – Christmas or birthday or anything else that requires a gift of some sort. I found some great stuff in the advertisements, but I’m not crazy enough to stand in line the night before just to get it. I’m trying to save money, but I’m also trying to be practical. I’m going to want to buy things that are not only on sale, but that I’ll actually be able to use (like long-sleeve shirts for the cold weather).

I didn’t work Black Friday, as you probably noticed because I was in the city being swamped by all the crazy shoppers. I was called to come in, but there was no way I would have made it because only one car was driven to the Bart station and it wasn’t mine. Then, today, I didn’t get the message asking if I could come in until I got home because it was on my answering machine and not my cell phone. I’ll just make a reminder the next time I’m at work, that if they need me (for any reason), to call me on my cell phone, not my house phone. I’m not to happy about the holiday staff, mostly because they’re incredibly flakey and don’t show up as scheduled. It’s not my first job (it’s my third), but I rely on it as my source of income or I don’t have any money whatsoever. Most of the holiday hires are just high school kids looking to get money (and for the discount), so I don’t think they’re being serious enough about wanting the job. *sigh* But, after the holidays are over, they get booted, and things return to normal (I guess).

My credential program interview is this coming Tuesday. I’m nervous because my acceptance into the program probably relies on this interview, and I don’t have another letter of recommendation (there was no way for me to get one), and I’m STILL missing my transcripts from San Jose. It’s been AN ENTIRE MONTH. So, I’m going to talk to them (again) about when I can get them. Last time I asked, they were being processed. It does not take that long to print out a transcript. So, I’m giving them another request for transcripts for after I graduate, in case I need them for any reason. I’m getting really fed up and this time, I’m not leaving until I get the answer I’m looking for, or they print them right there and then. That reminds me, I never checked the mail the last few days. Maybe they’re in there…time to go check!

Well, no one got the mail, but the only thing that was important was the insurance for my car. Woohoo. My transcripts are still not here, which means they’re still floundering around 60 miles south of my house. I really need them – by Tuesday, and San Jose is going to get a field day from me. It cannot take an ENTIRE MONTH to process and mail transcripts. I’d be fired if I took that long to get back to someone, especially on something this important. Anyway, ranting about the problem isn’t going to fix it; I actually have to go be in someone’s face tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on November 25, 2007.

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