Life in this society…

For starters, Thanksgiving/Turkey Day is on Thursday. It’s hard to believe that a year ago, the Wii came out, and is still in demand. I brought it to my sister’s house to play a few games, but that was all we could do because nothing else was out for the Wii yet. This year, well, I’m not bringing the Wii because there’s nowhere to set it up. I need a place to put the sensor bar, and the only TV in the area is the big screen TV that has no shelving and horrible graphics. Oh well.

Anyway, onto what I wanted to write about. I actually have a lot to say, most talking about what’s been happening in the world around me. Some good stuff, some bad stuff. But in the end, this is the world as I see it, and therefore, are my opinions. It doesn’t really matter what people think about what I write because the writing allows me to gain a better understanding of the things happening around me. Now that I’ve said that, let me get started.

I mentioned earlier that Thanksgiving is coming up very soon. The end of November is also my deadline on deciding on a new computer. I’ve decided, after all, to install Windows on my future Mac. The only thing I’ll be using Windows for is MapleStory and a copy of Microsoft Office. I’m not getting Office for Mac because it’s too expensive and I already have a disc for regular Office. The rest of the programs are going to be mostly for Mac because at this point, I don’t know what else I’d get for a Windows machine. The majority of the applications I use on my current system are Mac compatible, so I’m not worried that much.

In other news, Cal State Hayward has received my application and has sent me a notice to call them to arrange an interview with department faculty. The problem is that one of the letters of recommendation is not acceptable, and I don’t have another one. I can’t use the one my professor wrote for me because he’s only going to be my professor for this semester and he’ll probably go back to graduate school after this semester is over. Although I know some people who are teachers, only one teaches at the elementary level. Everyone else teaches high school. It makes me wonder if I should have done a single subject major. Oh well. Too late now. Anyway, so I don’t have another letter of recommendation, and I doubt I’ll be able to get one before my interview. But I’ll be honest – the last time I worked with kids in a serious educational setting was at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum when I was in high school. This was before I even figured out that I wanted to become a teacher. It was a great experience and I had a lot of fun, but the museum has gone through a lot of staff changes, and my original adviser is no longer working at the museum. This may save me for not having a second letter of recommendation, but I know that I cannot rely on this entirely. I am also waiting on my transcripts from San Jose. It’s been a month (well, a few days short of one) since I requested them. There is no way the Veteran’s Day holiday prevented them from mailing them out. It can’t be -that- hard to print out a few copies of my grades. I’d mail a unofficial copy to Cal State Hayward if they’d let me, but that would be unprofessional. So, when I do go back to school (I’m skipping class on Wednesday to see Hitman), I’m going to request another set of transcripts with all the current information including my degree being posted and all that other good stuff. Considering how long it’s taking for a set that I requested for “now” (just up to this semester), this will be my only hope that they will somehow get them to me before the year is over. I learned the first time that transcripts take a very long time. If I get into the program, I’ll need another set of transcripts showing them my degree has been posted and that I am done with school as an undergraduate. Dropping off the request the Monday after Thanksgiving will prevent me from doing it around finals, and hopefully, I’ll get them before Christmas.

Other things…the kids these days…have absolutely no discipline whatsoever. When I was still at the store, I was fair to the kids who lived in the area, but I was also strict – I often told them to go home and do something productive. It pains me to see kids these days just hang around at the store, doing NOTHING, and brag about this and that, to the point where you just want to smack them. I’d do that – if it didn’t get me in trouble. I would definitely have a discipline system that kids would remember, but I also want them to remember not to make the same mistakes (again) and to learn from them.

The one thing I’ve really ranted about is being in the minority and conforming to society’s stereotypes. I don’t mind being in the minority because it gives me, a female, a chance to experience and enjoy things that the average female would not want to do on a daily basis. I may not be a good player in any game, but I’m fair, and I like to have a fun time. I believe in fair sportsmanship and playing by the rules. I accept house rules provided that there is reason behind them. I don’t like cheaters or people who break rules intentionally. And people who whine about losing or tactics or whatever – just get out. I don’t like dealing with those kinds of people.

Conforming to society is about the white guy and Asian schoolgirl fantasy. I’m sorry, but I don’t conform to that.  Guys who see Asian women as eye candy and not as a potential and worthwhile girlfriend are just garbage.  Women are not material items to be dressed up to fulfill some pathetic fantasy.  But girls may do it just to please the guy, and I am one of those girls who refuses to conform to that Asian schoolgirl stereotype.  I am an independent woman who knows what I want, and conforming to a guy’s fantasy (usually a white guy’s fantasy) is something I won’t do.  It gets even worse when white guys take language classes (usually and always Japanese) to meet girls.  I want to learn Japanese so I can read my friggin’ manga, not to flirt with some foreign student.  Guys think it’s a great way to meet girls – it’s lame, but still possible.  Then they want to teach English in said Asian country (most likely Japan) to meet more unaware girls.  I think it’s so sad that they are willing to travel across the world for a potential girlfriend.  I know I attract guys because my interests separate me from all the other girls they may have known.    Am I interested in them?  No, because I have a fabulous boyfriend of my own. It sickens me when a guy is trying to hit on me and probably doesn’t realize that a) he’s too young for me and b) I’ll run him over if he doesn’t stop, or c) or my boyfriend will stomp all over his sorry ass. Even if I was single, I wouldn’t date a guy that wasn’t legal to drink. Even then, it’s a 4 year difference (I’m 25). In the end, I just watch the idiots make fools out of themselves – it’s quite entertaining.

Until next time…


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