A whirlwind of updates…

It’s a new month, so I need to an update with all the things that have been happening around me.

For starters, I sent off my credential program application to Cal State Hayward. However, it’s missing my San Jose State transcripts because they haven’t arrived in the mail, and I am not very happy about that. How long could it possibly take a university to send two copies? Diablo Valley College does a rush service; why can’t San Jose? I’m paying enough for tuition (this semester was out of my own pocket), so rush service should be an option. They didn’t arrive in the mail today, and the application is due tomorrow. I’ve already mailed it because I had no other choice. Thankfully, there’s a post office downtown, so I didn’t have to go very far. I’m just upset that I gave the school my request a week or two before Halloween and it’s still not here. And I sent a note in my application saying that I would send the transcripts as soon as I got them in the mail. I paid $16.25 to make sure that it would arrive in Hayward, and I will have to pay another $16.25 just to get them to Hayward. Sure, I lagged because I was lazy and procrastinated, but I’m disappointed in my OWN UNIVERSITY that they do not have a rush service for transcripts. Is this the the price I pay because the school offers them for free? I’m confused, and I am definitely going to complain. I should have done it this past Wednesday, but I regret not doing so. So, on Monday morning, I’m taking a trip to Student Services to complain and to tell them to offer a rush service so people don’t have to wait around their mailbox for things to arrive in the mail. The guy said that they would arrive by the first week of November. I check the mail every day, and I haven’t gotten anything. If they arrived and my parents put them somewhere and forgot to tell me, then I can’t really blame myself for not sending them with my application because I didn’t know where they were. Now, at home, I’ll have to look for them. I’m frustrated, but I will do my best not to take it out on someone else (like my boyfriend). I’m just really disappointed. I even went through the entire recycling bin to make sure that nothing important was tossed out by accident. If I don’t make it into this program, it means I’m going to waste an entire semester (or more) doing absolutely nothing because I’ll the only person out of school who isn’t in a graduate program or working at an actual job (GameStop doesn’t count). *sigh* I’m disappointed in myself because I didn’t do this early, and I blame myself for not being more prepared, but the simplest thing a college can offer is a rush service for transcripts. It won’t even cost them anything except to print them because they won’t have to mail them. Of course, some of the staff at Student Services aren’t so bright, anyway. The damage has been done, so the only choice I have is to wait.

And again, I’m stalling about getting a Mac as a new computer. I’ve been given advice about programs (like word processing and the like), but I’m still hesitating because I won’t be able to use a good portion of the programs when I’m at school. Sure, school is only for another few weeks, but this computer will play a major role in graduate school because it will be my connection to everything around me. I *could* wait for the new Office for Mac in January, but I need to get the computer before finals so that Apple knows that I’m a student (and that my dad won’t be paying full price). I was hoping I would make the decision by the time my parents would come home from Thailand, but I’ve been worried about graduate school applications that a new computer is the last thing on my mind, not to mention homework and work. The huge difference is that I won’t be able to play MapleStory except at home on the desktop. It’s a great way to kill time, but it’s also a way to waste time (time just flies when you play). In graduate school, I can’t afford to waste my time on an MMORPG. I’m also hesitating because I want Apple to figure out if there’s anything wrong because I’m getting a Mac with the new Leopard operating system. So, my new deadline about figuring out whether I want to make the switch will be the beginning of December. That gives me a month, and that gives Apple the time to make their own changes as well.

I’ve been working at GameStop for about a month now. Business is still slow (due to the unknown location), but it will pick up during the holidays. One holiday hire already got booted because he didn’t show up. I’ve never seen kids so aggressive about holidays jobs. I mean, I’ve had parents call asking if their kid is old enough (16 is the minimum age), I’ve had parents come in with their kid asking about applications, and the ones who can drive and don’t rely on mom and dad to cart them around, they come in and ask on their own. It’s like, I was NEVER like this. But I never had a job in high school. It was school, marching band during the fall season, Chinese school on Saturday (until they offered it at my high school my junior year), and dance ensemble on Sundays. Free time was spent doing everything but going to work. Having a boyfriend didn’t make it any better because they were useless and stupid. But I understand that it’s their first job – if they’re not aggressive, they won’t get anything. But I know that the ones not worth keeping around will be booted once the season is over, which means it’s back to their regular school schedule. However, if I get into the credential program, it will be my new 9-5 job, which means I will mostly be a weekend warrior, if I get any time to work at all. The information session said that student would intern or student teach in the morning, then take classes in the afternoon. I won’t even be able to work at night. But it’s graduate school, and it will be a full time job.

Wow, I wrote a lot. I guess I can write more next time because there is still so much going on in my life. Anyway, until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on November 9, 2007.

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