Turning a new leaf…

The Leopard premier has come and gone, but knowing Apple, there will probably be another party when OSX 10.6 comes out, whenever that might be.  The thing is, I think Apple is out of names for their operating systems, considering that each version of OSX has been named after a big cat.  In no particular order, there’s Leopard, Tiger, Panther, Cheetah – I mean, what’s next, Lion?  I remember when Panther came out; I think that was 10.3, and of course, Tiger is 10.4.  I look forward to getting a Mac, but it may be awhile because I don’t know when my local Apple store will receive their shipment of computers with Leopard pre-installed.   I’m thinking about waiting until my parents get back from Thailand.  The thing, I think I have a presentation in my class, and I abhor having to do another presentation on a Windows machine.  I think I’ve really stifled my creativity because all the best programs are either a) made for Mac, or b) cost an arm and a leg.  I can’t afford those programs for a Windows machine, and Microsoft is too cheap to create a suite of software that is similar to the iLife suite on a Mac.  Instead, we download all the free programs – Picasa from Google so we can do something remotely fun with our photos.  There’s iTunes for music, but nothing for free that is similar to Garage Band.  It makes me wonder what I’ve missed out on by not having a Mac.  I’ve also decided that I’m going to get MS Office 2004 for Mac, and upgrade to 2008 in January, when the new Office for Mac is scheduled to come out (watch it be delayed).  I also want to get iWork, but I’ll get that on my own time, as I won’t have a direct use for it just yet.  Getting a Mac will help my mom learn to use a computer, and since she’s in a choir, I can help design their programs and everything.  The only program I designed turned out to be horrendous, as I found a typo after all the copies were made.  It was all made in Word, as I struggled with formatting and the right font for the text.  It was just a nightmare, and I don’t want to do it again on a Windows machine.

In other news, I feel that the education of students in the state of California is going downhill.  Literally.  California is so paranoid about what her students are learning that the publishers print the standards for that grade and that subject into the textbooks.  The students are NEVER going to read it, and I doubt the parents even know that it’s there.  It’s scary, because there was no emphasis on standards when I was in elementary school.  It’s the whole “No Child Left Behind” crap that has made California so paranoid about educating her students.  Qualified teachers?  I will honestly say that some of my teachers were NOT QUALIFIED to be teachers, much less be in the education system to be teaching anything.  It’s not just the bad methods of teaching (there was many of that), but also the degree teachers received.  I believe in teaching the subject you got your degree and competency in, not some subject that the school needs you to fill.  I had a biology teacher in high school who had her degree in physical education.  She had absolutely NO KNOWLEDGE about biology, which is why I did so bad in her class because I wasn’t learning anything!  Since I want to become an elementary school teacher, I need to know a wide variety of subjects.  I covered all of that as an undergraduate student, although I feel I could have paid more attention in class, but that’s a different story.  I have my strong points (science, music, math, history) and my weak points (literature, PE, art, and anything else I missed).  I believe in teaching by the book, but there are so many things you cannot learn from a textbook.  History should be reenacted, if possible, because it gives the students a chance to live history as thought they were actually there.  You cannot teach music with a lesson plan.  Music is a hands-on activity that requires consistent practice if a student wants to advance to more difficult work.  I got a lower grade than expected for a class that emphasized on music for kids because my lesson plan was not according to standards and it wasn’t well done.  It’s because you can’t teach music with a lesson plan!  You can have some sort of lesson plan to figure out what order you want to teach certain concepts (like reading music), but I believe (because of my strong music background) that students, in order to learn music, have to touch the instrument and play it.  Music is not a textbook topic in school, and I refuse to have my future students spend the day learning all this material without having some music to help them learn even better.  I say this because I had a private teacher who consistently told me that I should practice before doing my homework, but I don’t remember the reason why.  It was something about better study habits or something like that.  <END RANT>

Anyway, I think I’ll save my next rant for future posting…I think I’ve said enough for today…


~ by twilightmelfina on October 27, 2007.

One Response to “Turning a new leaf…”

  1. I’m surprised my WordPress account actually works on this blog.

    Anyway, it seems like you spent more time thinking about Leopard than someone who actually worked on it 😛

    Hey at least non-qualified people can actually get into the teaching industry and work their way up…the tech industry is ridiculous these days, with employers demanding years of experience in obscure subjects, then claim there’s a “shortage” so they can hire someone overseas for cheap.


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