The day before…

And I’m working while there’s going to be a party for the new Mac OSX.  I know, I’m working on a Friday night, when I could be at this party, getting free things (I love free things), and getting a totally hands-on experience with the new operation system from Apple.  I could go after I get off work, but by that time, all the free stuff will be gone and there will be less than 30 minutes left of whatever is left of the party.  *sigh*  I was originally scheduled to work the morning shift, but the other guy is going out of town so our shifts were switched.   Even though I know I haven’t put much thought into getting a Mac, I’ve found solutions regarding how things are going to work once the new laptop is brought home.  Since I still have a desktop, I’m going to use that for all my Windows-y type projects (like burning anime) and playing MapleStory (it won’t run on a Mac yet, but watch, it probably will in the near future).  I can do everything else on the Mac.  However, I’m still debating over software because I’m not really sure what I want to use.  There is trial software of MS Office 2004 for Mac and iWork, but I don’t know which one will benefit me better.  With Office, I won’t have to worry about compatibility, but iWork is Apple’s “equivalent,” so to speak, since it has word processing (it’s called Pages, with other goodies attached), an Excel/spreadsheet program called Numbers (this is new), and Keynote (which is similar and better than PowerPoint).   The thing is, I grew up being a technical person, so I’ll probably end up getting Office 2004 and upgrading in January (when Office 2008 for Mac comes out).  I can always get iWork on my own, with an education discount, too.


In the end, switching to a Mac will be a new experience, considering that it has been almost 20 years (technically 17 years) since I’ve had consistent contact with an Apple computer.  I grew up a Mac kid, so I felt it was my calling to return to my roots, and with the new operating system releasing tomorrow, I feel that my time has finally arrived.  I hear both positive and negative comments about Apple computers, but as an education major, I feel that own a Mac will benefit my career as a teacher greatly.  Sure, Apple screwed up with the one-click button, but you can essentially still “right-click” with the mighty mouse and the command function.  Besides, for the computer illiterate (like my mom), teaching her on a Mac will be so much easier than teaching her on a Windows machine.  There are less buttons, and the OS is far more user-friendly.  And finally, I’ll be able to hookup my way cool desktop (it’s not -that- cool) and print things (poor thing has been in a box all year).

I’ll probably update again once I have my new Mac, or whenever I have exciting things to talk about (like my new Mac).

Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on October 25, 2007.

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