There’s too much drama and I’m glad to not be involved…

Seriously, there is way too much drama in the world around me. Thankfully, the drama does not affect me. It didn’t occur to me that there would be all these problems in a non-profit organization. When I read the meeting notes, it’s filled with debate and arguments over the most trivial things. There is never any compromise. It makes me wonder how the organization as a whole has managed to survive this century, especially when its members squabble over everything. I would assume that they haven’t even bothered to understand how other non-profit organizations work; they just do things among themselves. From what I’ve seen, it’s such a closed community, and that hurts them more than anything else. Don’t just invite other chapters of your organization; invite the other organizations as well. Chapters die out because of membership retention; we have problems with recruitment and the new member program. There is so much emphasis on learning about the organization that there is no time to truly understand the purpose of the organization and have fun. There are all these rules to follow, mostly of them are absolutely ridiculous. These rules promote absolutely nothing, except maybe feeling stupid or a sense of togetherness. From what I’ve witnessed, they’ve never asked to join another organization’s philanthropy, where they could get a lot of recognition and things like that. Chapters may be international, but we don’t have alumni groups or anything to help people just out of school. No connections or anything like that. The pins are just mailed to the chapter; no individualization or anything. The magazine is only mailed to the chapter mailbox, not to all initiated members. They never update the main website. Or maybe they have, and I haven’t been there yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if chapter numbers started dwindling, since it’s going to happen eventually. I did what I could during the time I was an active member, but my attempts to make the organization a bit more functional were futile. Their downfall is not going to on my list of things to fix.

On a happier note, I’ve started working again. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing right now. It is still relatively a new store (open for less than a week as I write), so most people don’t know that we’re here yet. The holiday season is slowly approaching, so the people who want a temporary holiday job are starting to drop off their applications. There are some with potential, and some that the manager won’t even look at. I still have a lot to learn, industry-wise, but it’s nothing I can’t research on my own. At my old job, it took me awhile really understand the games, but tabletop games are easier to sell once you’ve played it; unlike video games, if you don’t own the system the game comes on, it’s impossible to play (especially if it is limited to only one system, like Halo). I still have a lot to learn, like department numbers and things like that. It’s mostly memorization, but if I don’t get a chance to look at it at least every time I’m at work, I don’t learn things very well.

School news – midterms are here, and my professor is out of the country. It’s not that great when there’s so much information he’s covered since the semester started, and the study guide is based on each lecture session. At least there’s a format I can follow so I won’t get lost. Class isn’t too exciting, but it’s what I need to graduate so I can move on. Since the Internet was down the entire time my parents were out of town, I was unable to work on anything at home; I had to rely on my old work’s wireless internet as well as the Internet at my boyfriend’s house. Yes, I was a leech, but I had no other choice. I missed the deadline for semester schools, but I may be lucky with the quarter system program at Cal State Hayward. I’m going to a meeting tomorrow with my mom to hear about their teacher education program so I can figure out what I need to do and when I need to get it done.

Mac OSX comes out Thursday, October 26, right before Halloween. I’m so psyched because – I’ll be getting a Mac! It’s been over 10 years since I’ve had a Mac – I had an Apple IIC back in 1989. I feel so old because it was one of the earliest models that was made and I wasn’t able to keep it because my parents gave it away to my cousins who most likely BROKE IT. I know that if I still had that system today, it would probably still work, and I can relive my childhood memories. It had some cool games on it too, but I don’t remember the names of any of them. It will be different being on a Mac again, but I grew up a Mac kid and used a Mac in the computer lab in elementary school (until the devil’s computer showed up, the Commodore 64). I was sad to see my computer go, but it was onto IBM and DOS. CD DOT DOT anyone? Then Windows…3.1. That OS was awful. Sure, Microsoft made some improvements, but Vista just looks pretty, and there are too many damn options. Not to mention there’s a crap load of upgrades people had to go through when it came out. That’s why I’m not going to get Vista. I’m getting Leopard. There are so many cool programs, all of which are free or cost very little. Plus, I’m a student, and Apple likes students, so I’m going to be able to get a discount on the software and hardware. I’m excited, but I don’t want to get my Mac until I know that the laptop I get will come with Leopard. Not that I don’t want Tiger, but Leopard comes with all these great new features that I can’t wait to test out. In the meantime, I’m going to figure out what kind of software I’m going to need for my new Macbook.

Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on October 16, 2007.

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