New life…

There’s no point in thinking about it anymore.  I need to move on and find something new to worry about.  As much as it has been publicly announced, I think most people are only going care about the fact that I didn’t do anything to improve.  With a new job, I’ll have a schedule that will be consistent in some way (someone else will do it instead of me).  I’m sad to not be at the store anymore, but my downfall was my fault, and it could have been avoided if I had just listened.  If anything, I learned about my own abilities and my work ethic and established an insight about the tabletop industry.  In the end, I can’t keep thinking that I’ll eventually go back because it is an impossible idea.  The decision was final, and I’ve learned to accept that.  It hurts, yes, but moving on is the only way I’ll get my life back to some reasonable order.  I’ll be starting a new job relatively soon, and it will be a job where I can always be doing something; it’s better than doing nothing or very little.  However, I will be putting my boyfriend’s reputation on the line, and the last thing I would want to do would be to disappoint him and destroy everything that he worked so hard to accomplish.  But it will be a fun job, with people to talk to (like co-workers, not just customers).  There will be a lot of new things to learn, and I have to learn things fast because the video game industry is a fast-paced world.  The only hurtful part is that I will see my former customers, and they will probably want answers about what happened to me.  The general public already knows that I’m gone, and it’s still uncomfortable knowing that things will never be the way they used to be.  But I will move on because if I don’t, I will be stuck in the past, lingering on what I used to have.  However, I am appreciative of what I had in the past and what I will have in the future.

Short, but it gets to the point.  Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on September 27, 2007.

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