We’ve finally moved!

The job is done – the store has been moved from location 1.0 to 2.0.  The store seems smaller with all the stuff everywhere, but once all the merchandise has been placed in the proper area, everything will look organized and stuff.  The thing is, the cash wrap is in the middle of the store – with NO power outlets in sight.  I’m confused on how we’re going to power the register when we’re in the middle of the room.  I’m excited to be in the bigger place, but I also know that I have to be more careful about the grabby hands and the hordes of kids that will show up after school and on the weekends.  When I look at all the new merchandise, it makes me wonder if we overdid it a bit too much – an entire quarter of the store is dedicated to toys.  Of course, I wouldn’t mind owning half of the stuff because these things didn’t exist when I was a kid.  We also have these odd trinkets that only a person like me would buy (like a portable tornado or a crystal prism).  Besides for the HUGE MESS, the store looks great.  I do wish I had another day to close, but I do have all of Sunday, which evens everything out – somehow.  Being able to keep Sundays to myself makes me happy because I know how to meet the players’ needs without much effort.

In other news…

This is rumored, but since the Games Workshop in the mall closed, I’ve been told that they want to reopen shop in Alamo.  I live in the Alamo.  It’s the 33rd most expensive zip code in the US.  Like hell they’ll be able to afford Alamo if they can’t even survive in the mall, whose location is mostly filled with middle-class families.  Of course, the mall could be charging ridiculous rent, that’s probably why so many stores come and go.  I’ll definitely have to do some scouting because I haven’t seen any locations available for rent.  Besides, all the kids that I know in the area don’t even play anything Games Workshop.  When I volunteered at the elementary school, none of the kids talked about their 40k army or anything like that.  Sure, they’re a bit young to be starting the game, but even at the middle school, the kids wanted to know about the college life, parties, etc.  It makes me wonder how they’ll attract customers when my work, though farther away, has more interesting games, and that Stoneridge Mall has the only retail store left in the area.  There is no doubt that I will watch Games Workshop struggle if they attempt to open another store in Alamo.

Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on September 24, 2007.

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