Trying too hard?

The people I see at school are unbelievable.  The guys – the Asian ones especially, think they are -all that- because they mash buttons, make a whole lot of noise, and have cute anime/manga girls on their laptop screens.  NOT COOL PEOPLE!  We’re in college, not living in a fantasy world.  Of course, they are surrounded by other Asian girls, who do nothing but play their DS and try to -act- Asian.  They’re so white-washed it’s unbelievable.  Their little groupies make so much noise it makes me wonder how they managed to get into college if they spend their entire morning playing games.  It’s like they have nowhere else to go but be in the Student Union to play their stupid games.  If you walk around, people are actually studying or doing homework, or in my case, trying to entertain myself before class.  It makes me wonder if THEY go to class.  Probably not.  Just looking at these people makes me wonder if they are trying too hard to make the real world into a fantasy world.  This is why we call it a fantasy world – it doesn’t EXIST.  But every time at school, it’s the same group of people in the same place.  I don’t think they do anything else but spend their time in the Student Union.  And there’s no way that many of them actually know each other and can’t hang out at their apartment or dorm.  It’s why we have on-campus housing – so people can meet and have fun together, not drag out to the middle of campus where there is nothing to accomplish.  Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions about these people, but a month of school has passed and the group hasn’t changed.  I’d hate to be one of them.

Among other things…

The Warlord group that my store so graciously offered to host because their other store closed down, has bailed out.  No word, no notice, no email or phone call – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  It makes me wonder if they were just using us as a temporary host until their store reopened again.  The idiot guy has not business background, he’s flat broke, yet he still managed to get TWO investors to cough their earnings so he could be another dumbass store in the area.  Thankfully, they’re never going to be real competition.  This is the third store.  The first one was by the Concord movie theater.  It would have been a great location if a) the store wasn’t so small and b) there was actual parking.  The second one was in the middle of NOWHERE.  I didn’t even know how to get there.  The third one is on the same street as a massive car dealership.  I doubt this store will survive.  The guy is unorganized, a slob, and has no industry knowledge.  At the first store, the layout was always changing, for no apparent reason.  There was no order for ANYTHING.  Product was just on shelving, blister racks, or some -organized- manner.  And every time I went there, things only got worse.  I laugh because his storage unit flooded and a good portion of his product got water damaged.  Even if an item is used, I like to buy things in decent condition.  My store’s ding and dent shipment is usually cosmetic damage – smashed boxes, dented corners, things like that.  Sometimes we get product that are missing pieces, but we have no control over that.  The best part is that the books we get are usually in really good shape, and people can’t believe they they are so cheap for something that doesn’t look at all damanged.  But back to these Warlord people – it was a consistent group.  They met every week, and when the guy’s wife had the baby, it all went downhill.  Some people still stopped by, out of consideration, but it slowly died out.  I don’t think I have ever been so rudely dropped off, all because your old store managed to reopen.  I hope it doesn’t survive the first year.  I know it’s being mean.  They deserve it.

Anyway, I think that’s enough ranting for now.  Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on September 20, 2007.

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