Going back to school…

The first day of school has come and gone, and we survived the masses of students going to class. Parking hasn’t changed, but there were many students who did not have parking permits so they were standing in line to cough up $8 for an entire day, which is not worth it. A major walkway is still under construction, so there is going to be a lot of foot traffic in the student union area. I wish they had finished everything over the summer; that way, it doesn’t interfere with students getting food and going from place to place.

My boyfriend found his classes with no problems – they’re all in the same classroom. His other class is just down the hall. I can tell that he is uncomfortable with the environment of a new school, but I’m hoping he’ll get used to it soon. My classes is in the same horrid classroom as before – mostly tables, few desks, and not enough plugs for laptops. But it looks like I’ll have (another) new professor; this time a guy! Maybe things will be different this time around.

It definitely feels weird different going back to school when I did absolutely nothing over the summer but work and waste my time. The last thing I want to do is run into familiar faces in my class; however, I don’t think that can be avoided. *sigh*


~ by twilightmelfina on August 25, 2007.

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