Lots of things going on…

It’s scary to think that school starts tomorrow. The summer went by so fast, but I accomplished so little. Technically, I don’t go back to school until Monday, but I’m going with Ryan to his first day so he doesn’t get lost or anything like that. In fact I don’t even know what I’m going to do while he’s in class. Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to be his busiest days, while I join him on Mondays and Wednesdays. I did my best to make his schedule simple, with all back-to-back classes. This way, he won’t have to travel much between classes. I’m not ready for school just yet, but I’ll adjust…eventually…

In other news, my work was broken into over the past weekend. It was scary, considering I got the 1st call at 6:30am from my boss to tell me that the store was broken into. I got the 2nd call 2 hours later at 8:30am for all the updates. I now realize that I should have been there in the morning to help clean up but I went back to sleep. For the new store, I’m the 2nd person the alarm company calls. I live the closest and thus can make the trip in 15-20 minutes if there’s no traffic and I don’t get pulled over for speeding. Because of this incident, there are new cash handling policies in place.

My boss has also hired a new person, but I don’t don’t know what kind of person he is yet. His official “initiation” is doing inventory. I had to do that too, so it’s only fair that the new guy does it as well. It’s the only way to know where all the merchandise is and how each section is set up, although it will all change with the new store. The moving date is approaching fast, and I’m on track towards the horde of money I’ll be getting on my upcoming paychecks. I don’t know if this is true, but I think my boss relies on me more than he realizes it. I take great pride in my job (although I’m a lousy cleaner), and I do my best to learn about the games and stay on top of the industry.

I’m glad the store is moving to a larger place. Every time we get in new product, we have find more creative ways to display it, and we’re running out of space for that. And even with a company’s consistent releases, there is only so much shelf/rack/blister space before we start putting things on the floor. It’s not going to be easy to pack everything up, but it will be figured out – somehow.

Anyway, I’ll update again soon. =) Maybe. If I have time.


~ by twilightmelfina on August 22, 2007.

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