Summer moves fast…

With the new store coming up faster than thorny weeds, there is so much to accomplish is just under 2 months.  I’m excited about moving to a bigger location, but I will definitely miss the good food that will be left behind.  It’s been the main place to get food because it’s cheap and delicious.  We won’t have that at the new location.  Sad as that will be, we gamers will have to find a new place to eat.

Even though the majority of the work is the owner’s responsibility, I have my share of the work as well, which includes the inputting of SKUs from catalogs filled with toys and other odd trinkets.  The task is relatively easy until I come upon a page with racks filled with merchandise – and I have to identify each one.  NOT FUN, but that’s part of my job.  I’m not getting anywhere in regards to identifying each specific product on these racks.  I could very well assume that the rac comes with each item from that particular section in the catalog.  It’s time consuming, but I get paid to do it.

Another thing that’s coming up real fast are store events.  There are already events planned for the new store, and I’m starting to have trouble keeping track of everything going on.  There is no doubt that events will be running every night.  However, I have problems accepting sanctioned events (like Magic: the Gathering) because of paperwork.  We place to have fun, learn a new game, and make new friends, not figure out how to use crappy software.

The thing that affects me to most are new employees.  I’m keeping my guard up for now, as I have a tendency to attract unwanted male attention when I already have a boyfriend.  It’s not because I’m jealous, but regardless of who is hired, I want to feel comfortable working with them.  I don’t think that is an unreasonable request.  I’m considered the second employee (based on payroll).

I’m excited, but nervous at the same time!

Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on July 28, 2007.

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