I know this is an extremely sensitive topic, but I just want to get my opinions across.  I’m not bashing on religion in any way; I just want other people to know my perspective on this kind of stuff.

For me, I never considered religion to be a part of my life.  I’ve been to church, but back then, I was too young to understand or realize what it all meant.  As a child, it was a waste of a Sunday morning when I could be sleeping in.  The donation basket was the biggest joke for me because I did not grasp the concept of donating money when I barely had enough myself.  That was also the time I nearly tore a dollar bill in half.  As you can tell, religion didn’t do much for me as a kid.

Now, that I’m older, and I’ve had far more experiences with church and religion, I consider being religious just another hassle of life.  However, I still do believe in God, and that miracles are possible.  But I don’t let the rules of a particular religion dictate my life.  I just don’t need more things to think about when I already have enough to think about.  Not being part of a religion gives me one less things to worry about in life.  I celebrate Lent, not because of what it represents, but because it represents my own self-control and what I’m willing to sacrifice for those days.  I’ve given up donuts and chips so far.  I’ve tried chocolate, but I lost it after two weeks (I found chocolate chip cookies at my boyfriend’s house).

My boyfriend and his family are Catholic.  I’ve been to Catholic services, weddings, and funerals.  They are all done in a similar way.  I don’t do communion because I’m not baptized.  But I do sing the songs (or attempt to) because God won’t hate me for being a lousy singer.  I’ve been the Midnight Mass for Christmas, although I could hardly breathe with all the incense in the air.  But I went for the experience, and that I shared it with my boyfriend.  The singing was fun, although it was the first time I realized that Silent Night had multiple verses (I only thought there was 2).  I go with my boyfriend and his family because it would be disrespectful if I didn’t go.  I don’t know any of the prayers (or the words to them), but I kneel when everyone else kneels, and so on.  I pay my respects because it is a part of my boyfriend’s culture.

The Pledge of Allegiance is another is another concept of American life that hassles me.  The insertion of “Under God” was due to war.  It’s not like the history books teach you that because of the separation between church and state.  I’m not against the PoA, but it’s lame to say it in the classroom or at events because it doesn’t do anything but bring unity to the group.  There are other ways to bring unity to a group, and not necessarily with the PoA.  I’m currently volunteering in a classroom where the entire class says the PoA AND sing an American song before the start of the mathematics lesson.  I find it heartwarming (the singing is cute), but I’m not going to have it done in my classroom when I teach.  I’m not against it; I just find it unnecessary.  Saying the PoA hasn’t proved anything for anyone, so maybe when it does, I’ll have my future class say it.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and while religion does not play a role in my life, it is an individual’s own choice to have certain beliefs and to do the things their religion believes in.  Believe me, if I was Catholic and couldn’t eat meat during Lent, I think I’d go crazy.  I can’t have sushi EVERY FRIDAY because that would drive me crazy.

In the end, that is my perspective on religion, and I didn’t even have to single out any particular religion.  I used Catholicism because it’s what I’m familiar with, and surrounded with.  I have faith, and I do believe in what is possible.


~ by twilightmelfina on May 11, 2007.

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