Coming home…

Originally written by hand on March 31, 2007

Well, I’m finally on my way home – in another crowded flight.  I feel that Germany has some things to work on to make their society run a bit smoother.  For starters, at the train stations mark on the platform where the trains are going to stop and where the doors are going to open.  This way, people don’t get on the train in this massive mob, which is often the easiest way to lose children.  Second, the doors should open automatically.  No buttons or handles to push/pull.  This ensures that trains are on time and that latecomers suffer the consequence by taking the next available train.  Lastly, movement between train cars should be possible, as people should have the freedom to move as necessary.  I am taking these aspects from BART and comparing/contrasting them to the German public transportation system.  Though complex, this train system allows you to go anywhere in the city of Munich while BART only takes you to various cities in the San Francisco/East Bay area.

I would definitely go back to Germany – it’s clean, friendly, and there’s so much history.  Beer is not my choice of beverage, but for many of my friends, I think they would be happy in Germany.  =)

Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on April 11, 2007.

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