Retarded German candy

Originally written by hand on March 30, 2007

I ate some gummy candies from a nearby German city (Augsburg) and I got food poisoning.  It was priced super cheap so we assumed everything was going to be okay.  WRONG!  Both my parents and I got sick, which is the worst possible way to end my Spring Break to Germany.  The conclusion we came to is that the candy was outdated, which is why the price was so cheap.  At least in the US, the majority of food or drink products have expiration dates so we know whether it is safe to eat/drink or not.  Now I’m glad to live in the US and not anywhere else.

We leave tomorrow, and then I go back to work and school, with nothing accomplished.  I’m not too thrilled about the flight home, as what retarded airline makes seats where you can’t move the arm rests?  You’re like a prisoner in your chair this way.  However, the food is so much better than United Airlines, who will nearly starve you on every flight  The weather in Germany has been tolerable, but I like the Californian weather better because it never really gets that cold.

When I get home, I have so many things to figure out, including graduation, graduate school, my models, homework, and many other things.  I brought my laptop thinking I would get work done, but nothing got done.  That shows how little time I was at the hotel.  Breakfast was offered at the hotel, but we would spend the rest of the day out and about.  Surprisingly, we didn’t do a lot of shopping, but I managed to get a board game for my work (it’s in German).  The only game was I saw was Games Workshop, and everything was nearly the same, except that everything was in German.  The toy stores were all under the same company, so it was no surprise that I keep seeing the same board games (with the same prices).  I would buy more board games, but our suitcases are out of space.  Most of the games were ones I’ve seen in English (and that my work has).  I didn’t see any actual card games except for TCGs/CCGs.

Anyway, due to the food poisoning, my stomach keeps gurgling at me, so I’m going to sign off.


~ by twilightmelfina on April 7, 2007.

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