San Jose State University vs. CSU San Jose

What the hell?  Not only does it sound weird, it sounds stupid.  What about all the other schools that have the same name format?  I don’t think anyone from those campuses are complaining about changing the school’s name.  I happen to be proud of my school, although there are numerous problems such as no parking, expensive housing, expensive tuition (it used to cost a lot less when I first started), and many other things.  Not to mention, the marching band does a “5J5” formation during pre-game, and changing the school’s name would destroy the marching band’s history of not being able to spell out SJSU.  The fact that this whole name changing thing has gotten state-wide attention is surprising because no one usually goes this far for something like this.  Not to mention, people do know San Jose State as San Jose State University.  It’s a new generation of people and San Jose does have its share of good programs.

The guy who wants the name changed is being stupid because he’s spending all this money on something that is irrelevant and it’s changing school history.  Sure, the articles in newspapers say that they will use both names if the idea passes during student elections, but then the school will have to design another logo because the name will be different.  It’s better if everything remains the same.  School history is important, and this is one thing I don’t want to be part of the school history.  I will actually attempt to vote this year (I neglected it last year) and I will vote NO against this idea.


~ by twilightmelfina on March 12, 2007.

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