Where does the time go?

You’d think with all this time, I’d be done with everything by now. Time is going by, and I’m accomplishing absolutely nothing. I can get things done, but not everything done. I feel that there is more work than there is time to do it. And still, I’m behind on everything else in the world, including my education. At this point, I doubt I’ll have enough time to get my applications together – I only have two weeks. I don’t like the fact that with school just starting, there are already a million things to do. And I can’t even get a classroom placement without driving around and figuring stuff on my own. Why do I need clearance? They let me do it last time, no problem. I want to think to myself that I can get all these things done, but with time limits, I feel that my choices are being cut short. I’ve always known that I have time issues, that I don’t like to be rushed because then I forget things or get hurt in the process. Taking my time doesn’t make it any better, either. I want to get things done because I know I can get things done. And somehow, I’ll have to put all my assignments in my calendar so I know when things are due…

A lot of things has happened since the last update. I got the rest of my course readers, which nearly cost me $50. These books are HUGE, and two of my classes aren’t even reading the entire thing. There are so many filler articles that we’ll never read, and that’s just a waste of money and trees. And one book didn’t even have page numbers, so I numbered it all myself. That was NOT fun. Then, in the greensheet for that class, I write down the page numbers of the articles I do have to read. The reader for my online class has 29 articles, and we’re actually reading all of them. For my CHAD 159 class, I highlighted the articles that are going to be read, and also added their page numbers. It makes things easier when I know where things are. There is so much reading this semester, and I know I can’t fall behind.

In other school news, a professor I had a few semesters back recently passed away. It is sad because he was a really good professor and he enjoyed making the most complicated concepts relatively easy to figure out. He was slated to teach 3 classes this semester, but now someone will have to replace him. It will be difficult to replace him because it was the only class he taught (there were multiple sections). Even though I didn’t do well in his class (much of the information is cumulative), Dr. Payne will be missed. May he rest in peace.

Anyway, until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on February 3, 2007.

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